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On Things That Piss Off Mama

Well, luckily the joyous holiday season is behind us now and I don’t feel compelled to be all warm and fuzzy.  Because it would be really hard.  I’ve been gritting my teeth all week because Youngest Son, who is definitely no wimp, nor a whining baby, is still suffering miserably with his damn wisdom teeth extractions.  He should be back to normal by now.  But the poor kid developed not one, but TWO, freaking dry sockets.  Even though his dentist assured us that it wasn’t all that common.  He stopped in the office yesterday so they could pack the holes with something to alleviate the pain a bit.  When the nurse informed the dentist that Youngest Son was out of pain pills, doc said, not too nicely, “Aw, he doesn’t need anything.”

Luckily, and I don’t care whether this is kosher or not, we have some extra pain pills lying around.  That’s because, unlike what it seemed this dentist may have been insinuating, we don’t take pills if we don’t really need them.  So when we’re done hurting, we may have a few left over.  I can understand how doctors may need to be careful.  There are a lot of people that would lie, cheat, and steal to get their hands on certain meds.  But like Youngest Son said, it was the way doc said it.  Like that Youngest Son was trying his patience or something.  When actually, we waited a couple days longer than when they said he should be feeling better before we even called.  Like, doc could have put it much nicer, and said, “I think you’ll be okay.”  Which Youngest Son would have been ok with that because he wasn’t even asking for the damn pills, maybe just a little kindness if there was no way to get actual pain relief.

So, like any good mama, I can’t stand to see one of my babies hurting.  I’m feeling actual anger over the situation, because I can’t do anything to help him.  And it’s so unfair.  On top of it all, I think I may be approaching “the menopause.”  It may partially explain the recent night sweats, although I’m still quite impressed with the healing qualities I’ve experienced with a good full body drenching.  Last night, when I was screaming and cussing at my new Black & Decker food processor, because it’s so unbelievably stiff and almost impossible to properly seat the bowl and lid (and then again to unlatch it after you finally DO get to use it), Big Daddy finally came in to see if I needed help, but did his best to keep his distance.  He and Youngest Son have been exchanging looks, and I heard someone mention the name Kitty Forman under their breath.  Do you know Kitty Forman?  She was the mother on “That 70’s Show,” who drove her family crazy with her menopausal mood swings.  I can tell you right now, I am nothing like that.  I have not hit the giddy manic cycle yet.

Then this morning, in the newspaper, I read about the wonderful Ponzi-scheming scammer, Bernard Madoff, trying to pass off some of his ill-gotten assets to his family members and friends.  Despite the fact that he knowingly swindled millions of dollars from his unsuspecting victims, wiped out retirement funds and charity endowments, the sonofabitch is restricted to his posh Upper East Side home.  Nope, no jail for Bernie yet.  Even though the petty thief on the other side of town is locked up pronto for a crime worth an infinitesimal fraction in dollar amount.  And, while some of his poor victims don’t have enough funds left for a decent retirement, almost-free-as-a-bird Bernie is mailing off expensive watches and diamonds worth more than $1 million to his kids.

“Sentimental personal items,” his wife innocently professes.  Like they had no idea this million dollars worth of assets should stay put under the terms of a court-ordered asset freeze.  Like they couldn’t find some inexpensive handmade trinkets or photos in their home with sentimental value to send to the kiddos?  Like don’t they feel that every penny of their ill-gotten gain should go back to the ruined accounts of their victims?  This is the same thing OJ Simpson did with his assets when he lost the civil case against the Goldmans.  Luckily, OJ tried to snatch the items back, in a criminal manner.  And so he is finally in jail where a criminal belongs.  And where countless other schemers, profit-skimming CEO’s, and deal-making politicians belong.

Is It Two-Thirty?

Nah, more like gum hurt-y. (I know, that was SO bad).  Youngest Son was actually starting to feel better last night, hours after his wisdom teeth extraction.  In fact, the thing that was bothering him most last night before bedtime was the fact that he had finally gotten his appetite back big time and wanted something besides soup and pudding to eat.  He was craving big steaks and crunchy foods–anything he could sink his teeth into and CHEW.  Of course, his mouth isn’t ready for that yet.

Meanwhile, I have honed my Jell-o making skills.  I don’t even have to look at the box anymore to see how much water to add (1 cup boiling, stir for 2 minutes, 1 cup cold).  I could be a Jell-o chef.  I don’t know why I don’t make it more often.  We all like it and it’s easy.  I think it’s the instant gratification thing.  You have to wait freaking 4 hours until it’s ready to eat.

This morning, Youngest Son’s face was puffy again and the pain pills were making him sleep a lot.  Last night, he was telling us he could actually remember some of the surgery!  They don’t actually put you all the way under, but the pain control must be pretty good.  Youngest Son said he could vaguely remember trying to swat the guy away from his mouth telling him to get away.  Big Daddy, in the waiting room, could hear the drill being used.  They said they had a hard time with one of the teeth.  It must be the one that Youngest Son remembers the dentist saying, “Gotcha,” as he pulled it out.

Kind of creeps me out.  Definitely makes me glad I never developed those teeth.  Youngest Son actually kept the ugly things.  It’s amazing how big they are even though they never erupted through the gums.  Like, they must start growing down in your throat.

I hope Youngest Son is able to eat normal food again soon.  Leftovers are starting to back up a little, and I’m having to store his Jell-o in the fridge downstairs because we’re running out of room.

Super Evolved Mom Screws Up

Crap.  I feel like a screw-up.  But it’s not entirely my fault, I tell ya.

Youngest Son is moaning about his jaw hurting.  Even more disturbing for this craver of perfection, he feels like one of his teeth is being pushed out of alignment.  Sadly, I may be somewhat responsible.

His dentist said a couple years ago that he would need his wisdom teeth out.  Well, this is just par for the course around here.  A few years ago, I took Oldest Son to get his out.  It was probably quite a sight to see little old me leading my loopy lanky son to the car afterwards, he being a foot taller than me.  Then, this April, I believe, Middle Son J got his out.  I don’t remember much about that because Big Daddy took him.  I do remember the very day after surgery, however, when J, never one to be messed with, went out with a friend to possibly fight someone that was messing with him by sending annoying texts.  Thankfully, no one showed up.  Maybe his surgery added to his overkill of testosterone?

It’s hard to find time to schedule appointments around here.  Between people’s surgeries, physical therapy, deployments, and social lives, it’s hard to find a spare window of time for yet another appointment.  Youngest Son just had knee surgery last summer.  And he juggled three jobs this past summer.  What’s a mom to do?

Our very well-read regular dentist explained to me on one of my semi-annual visits about wisdom teeth.  He said in ancient times, with a much coarser diet, we humans needed those teeth.  As our diets became more processed, we slowly evolved to the point where our jaws grew smaller and the wisdom teeth became unnecessary.  That’s why just about everybody you know needs to get them removed.

Lucky for me, being the advanced super-evolved specimen of humanity, I never even got my wisdom teeth.  There’s nothing even there under the gum line.  Nothing.  Nada.  So today, super mom of the future will be taking her Youngest Son to see the dentist about getting his wisdom teeth pulled ASAP.  I’m hoping he’ll be able to do the surgery before winter break ends in mid-January.

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