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The Halo Has Some Tarnish

I’m a nice person.  I’m even a good and somewhat spiritual person.  I know that about myself.  I’m incensed over unfairness of any kind.  I’m deeply hurt and saddened when I see someone suffering, especially innocent helpless people or animals.  I try not to hurt anyone and never pick a fight.   But, obviously, I don’t have a halo like Big Daddy.  He’s a good guy, no doubt.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve dated a few jerks, but I never would have stayed with one.

Even way back in college, my friends and roommates would take his side if we had a spat.  My own family has been known to ask me, “What did you to poor <Big Daddy>?” if they happen to see him moping.  Sometimes he’s generous to a fault.  We’ve been known to get stuck ourselves at a red light because he’s let other people go.  He’s never passed a donation box without dropping something in, even if he just gave at the last corner.  I don’t even give anymore because I’m so sure he’s given more than enough for me, himself, and all three of our kids.  He’s got karma points coming out the wazoo.

He’s a good guy, yes.  But I’ve lived with him long enough to know he’s not perfect.  Give him a Wet Willie and you might end up on your arse.  Just ask his co-workers.  And the past couple days, he’s been getting the biggest kick out of the pain I’m in.  Oldest Son and I have started back up with the weight training.  We worked our legs the other day, and I can hardly manage the stairs.  I wince in pain when I have to sit down.  And Big Daddy has actually been laughing about it.  A quite evil little sadistic chuckle.

I know he loves me.  Well, at least I’m sure he likes me.  So why, I ask him, do you think this is so funny?

“I know that feeling,” he laughs.  Okay.  So you should know how bad this hurts!!  Where,  oh saintly Big Daddy, is the sympathy?


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