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They Should Apologize for Last Season

Big Daddy and I are creatures of habit.  We like watching the same old shows, season after season, especially the better reality shows that only changeout the contestants for the most part.  We know they’re contrived to some extent, but I like to watch the different personalities interract.  It’s amazing and inspiring  to see the dramatic transformations of the contestants on Biggest Loser, hilarious watching giant egos clash on Celebrity Apprentice, and fun to pick out couples to hate on The Amazing Race.  I get really irritated when host Jeff Probst often and obviously tries to manipulate the votes of the contestants with his lame comments on Survivor.  But as much as we like hunkering down to watch these shows, I just about wrote off ever watching American Idol after last season.  Even Simon’s acid tongue could not add enough spice to the dull group of contestants last season.  It was a talentless snoozefest.

Since there didn’t seem to be anything else on TV that conflicted with Idol this season, I decided to tune in just to see the auditions when sometimes hopelessly delusional wannabes perform comical renditions of songs hoping for a miracle.  And although I was never a fan of Jennifer Lopez, the other new judge, Steven Tyler, intrigues me.  He’s a funny, talented bad boy that brings me back to my college days when I first discovered Aerosmith and the raw sexuality of “Toys in the Attic” (on 8-track, no less!).  It was rock ‘n roll at it’s finest!!

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I may be hooked on Idol again, thanks to Mr. Tyler.  I don’t even mind JLo.  She hasn’t exhibited the diva behavior she is known for on camera, and her skin glows.  It makes me feel not so old knowing she’s over 40 and looking so good.  Veteran judge Randy Jackson has taken his role a little more seriously, and is actually making a few relevant comments, trying to become Simon lite.

They started the show last night with an “apology” scrolling across the screen in large letters for Mr. Tyler’s antics of the previous week.  He was classic Tyler last week, being outrageous rocker dude and uttering a few comments that were bleeped out.  He even offered up a poem about a duck–that rhymed.  It was hilarious.

I’m pretty sure the “apology” was a joke.  Steven Tyler has rescued Idol for another season.  I may even continue watching when the joke contestants are gone.  Could anyone really be offended by the antics of Steven Tyler?  If so, they should tune in to reruns of The Golden Girls and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.  American Idol is alive and well without Simon, Paula, or Kara.  They have absolutely nothing to apologize for so far this season.

Lost On Lost

Spoiler Alert:  If you didn’t watch the finale of Lost yet, don’t read this!!

I know that anybody who has watched Lost over the past six years has at times been quite lost as to what the hell was going on many times.  I almost quit watching several times because I was having too much trouble following its multiple story lines and parallel universes.  What year was it?  Are they still on the island or did they escape?  Who were the bad/good guys?  It made my brain hurt.

After watching the finale last night, I still don’t totally get it.  I’m hoping some of you readers are Lost fans and can give me your insight into what you believe the ending signified.  I don’t even know if the writers themselves know for sure.

My take on it is they all died in the initial crash and the whole 6 years was their journey to work on their flaws to get to the “light.”  Why wasn’t Ben included?  Was he still not ready to go to Heaven?  Was he even on the plane to begin with?  Were the “Others” other passengers on the plane?  Oh, give me some opinions people.  I’m sure there are no right or wrong answers.  In fact, Middle Son J and I both think the writers never had a set theme for the show–we think they just kind of rolled with it as the years went on. 

I so wanted it all to make crystal clear sense when it was over.  But I doubted that was possible.

TV Mind Games—It’s On, Baby

So.  Last night, after watching Biggest Loser and of course whichever Law and Order was on,  Big Daddy and I decided to watch American Idol, which we’re forced to tape on DVR.  We’re forced to use that DVR a lot, because the damn TV executives have decided to cram all the good shows on at the very same times.  Other nights, it’s like the vast wasteland of TV crap.  They know this.

We enjoyed watching the contestants perform even though we knew we would pay the next day at work for staying up so late.  Of course, it helps to be able to fast forward through all the commercials and fill-in junk when you tape a show like Idol, which is about 75% commercials and fill-in fluff.  Of course, the TV executives are aware of this and probably don’t like it, because I’m sure the sponsors who are paying huge sums of money for people to watch their ads are not happy.

So what’s a sneaky TV executive do?  They start running shows at odd times.  They overlap shows so that if you want to change the channel to watch something on another network, you’ll miss the end of the show you’re currently watching.  And…if you happen to set your DVR to tape an hour long show like American Idol, and it runs over that hour, you will miss the grand finale (they usually put one of the better performers at the end).

So.  We watched the show but thought someone was missing. “Was that nine performers?” we asked each other when we saw the tape was coming to an end.  We backtracked.  “Who’s missing?”

Freaking Adam!  They cut off Adam! He’s the one most people tune in to watch.  And they did it on purpose.

I guess a lot of people tape American Idol because when I happened to sneak a peek at my Facebook, people were talking about how they missed Adam’s performance–which by the way, was supposed to have been amazing and Simon even gave him a standing ovation.  WTF?

If it’s war they want, it’s war they’ll get.  This calls for some strategies of my own.  Tonight, we set the DVR to tape three minutes over the hour.  If I have to, I’ll tape the whole next damn show.  And when they change their strategy, I’ll think of something else.  So take that, you blasted TV moguls.

You don’t mess with this mama and her American Idol.  Or her Law and Order.  Just don’t DO it.  Mwahahahahahahahahahah……..

On Men: Their Sucky Taste in TV Viewing

I just realized while paying bills the other day, that our Comcast triple-play promotion will be expiring soon–meaning that the half-decent rate we’ve been paying for cable TV, phone, and high-speed internet will soon be wildly, hugely, exorbitantly more expensive.  And so we may have to cut some of the premium channels they included for free (to get you hooked on them).  This is a shame because I haven’t had the opportunity to truly enjoy this feature, because I live in a houseful of men that do not have the attention span to watch many movies, let alone a new or entertaining movie.

Ninety percent of the time, a sporting event is on.  I’ve learned to accept this and even like watching sports.  Part of this is because I can sit there with the family and still get other things done.  Watching sports does not require you to use all of your attention, unless you’re a guy.  I can sit there, read the paper, pay the bills, fold clothes, and cut out coupons.  And when I hear the guys cuss or cheer, I can look up and catch the important parts of the game.

The rest of the time, they will watch something that they’ve seen a hundred times before.  Guys’ brains are quite similar to kids’ brains.  They obviously find it quite comforting to watch a show over and over until they can quote it verbatim.  I worked with two guys who would lapse into dialogue from the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”  They both had the entire movie memorized.  My kids, when they were little, would watch the movie “All Dogs Go To Heaven” just about every day and also knew every line.  Today, they and their father will watch the stupidest and most inane sitcom reruns on TV until I know every line and my head wants to explode.  Even the few good sitcoms they watch (Seinfeld and King of Queens) have lost their entertainment value after say about the 50th viewing.  But if I want to watch something new or slightly more entertaining, I have to listen to their groaning and complaining.  The few movies they watch (usually on Sundays) are also hauntingly familiar.  Here is the usual repertoire:  “48 Hours,” “Major Payne,” or some Jackie Chan flick.  A good fresh HBO movie?  Naaah.  No way.

So when Big Daddy and the boys are out of the house, I sometimes celebrate by watching a whole movie in peace.  Tonight I watched a documentary on HBO and a Woody Allen movie (which sadly was not one of his best).  One night I caught “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and enjoyed it like I never could have with men in the house.  I also got to see “The Devil Wears Prada.”

I could always go upstairs and watch TV by myself.  Sometimes I do.  But it’s lonely up there.  So if there’s nothing on that I really have to watch, I guess I’ll just deal with my guys and their sucky TV shows.

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