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No Sunday Blues This Week!

Normally, when I have to go to work on Monday, I get the Sunday blues.  This is not because I dislike my job.  Actually, I quite like the job.  It’s just the crap that goes along with having a job that makes me blue.  Things like:  getting up early, having to wear something less comfortable than my sweats, and needing to end my weekend early and going to bed at a “normal” time so I’m not a total zombie at work.  Okay.  So I’m a tad lazy and set in my ways.

However, tomorrow is my first day back after 10 months off.  I’m excited to see everyone again.  I’m ready to dig in and keep our loyal clients from paying a penny more in taxes than they’re legally obligated to pay.  Our elected officials would only waste the money, anyways.

Last week when they asked if I’d be available to start back to work, I asked them if there have been any changes with the alarm system.  I told them I do not want to start off my first day back setting off the alarm.  I did this two years ago when I was holding down the fort while they were all at Disney World.  My brain was still on vacation that morning and I forgot the procedure, prompting calls from the alarm company and the state police.  Not a fun way to start the day.  They told me that there are no changes with the alarm system but that my office has been moved to the next office down the hall.  Our two preschoolers now occupy my old office.  I went to college 4 years for that office, and these little girls haven’t even gone to Kindergarten!  But they’re awfully cute, well-behaved, and most importantly, the boss’s lovely granddaughters.  My new office is slightly larger–about half a window width, and a tad closer to the kitchen (and the coffee).  The only downside is it’s a bit further from the reception area, so it will be harder for nosy mama to hear what’s going on when people stop in.

Best of all, Middle Son J is coming home tomorrow.  He’s on leave from the Army for about 3 weeks and we’re all excited to have him back home with us for a while.  Even if he does have 11 damn tattoos now.

So no Sunday blues this week.  Although I guarantee that 7:00 a.m. tomorrow will be a real bitch.

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