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The Incredible Sweating Woman

On top of all the other talents I possess, I think I’ve developed a new one.  It seems my body has learned to heal itself, after a night of profuse sweating.

The first time this happened was after Thanksgiving, with the nasty cold I had.  I suffered with it a couple of days, then one night, while still feeling miserable, I became soaking wet with sweat.  All night, I tossed and turned, sick and clammy.  When I woke up, the sheets were damp and so were my sweats.  But amazingly, I felt so much better.  My cold had virtually disappeared overnight!

It happened again last night.  I had an excruciating stomach ache that started up around 9:00 pm.  By the time we were all ready for bed around 2am, I was lying on the lounge chair under a blanket, feverish and then shivering with chills.  Nobody else is sick around here.  I haven’t really been out and about to catch anything from someone else.  Big Daddy said it sounded like I had some kind of food poisoning.

I couldn’t imagine how I would have gotten food poisoning.  We’ve been cleaning up the leftovers, and I also had made some fresh homemade chicken soup.  The leftovers are not that old — from New Year’s and after, and all properly stored.  Plus, no one else that ate the same things seemed to be sick.  But this morning Oldest Son asked me if I had eaten any of the KFC chicken he had brought home yesterday.  I told him that I had, and then he said that when he ate his, he noticed some of it was pinker than it should be.  I hadn’t noticed, another hazard of gobbling one’s food down so fast.  But why hadn’t he gotten sick?  He said I might have gotten the one piece that was contaminated with something, or his immunity was so built up from his year in Iraq.  He enjoyed the food over there, but it didn’t always like him.

So anyways, I went to bed with extra blankets, my teeth chattering with the chills.  Throughout the night, I would wake up and notice that I was drenched with sweat.  I was soaking wet.  But by the time the morning light was streaming in, I felt like new.  No fever.  No chills.  And no more stomach ache.  Just clammy wet pajamas and sheets.

They say your mind can work through unresolved issues through your dreams at night.  I’ve had that happen.  One night, after struggling with the best way to handle a tax situation for a client, I  dreamt about the solution.  It was the perfect solution that I wasn’t able to come up with during the day.  But until recently, I’ve never known my body could heal itself overnight.

Maybe I shouldn’t have so much of a problem making myself go to bed at night.  It seems that sleep may be my friend.

Advice From Mama

First of all, even if everyone in your office has gotten over the flu and whatever funk they had, don’t quit taking your Vitamin C (or Zinc and Magnesium or whatever else works for you).  I skipped the “C” ONE freaking day (yesterday) and woke up this morning with a hot breeding cesspool of germs in my throat.

If you know anyone (like an older person on Social Security) that doesn’t normally need to file a Federal tax return because their income is too low, file one for them anyways so they will get the “rebate” check in May that is going to go out to attempt to jump start the economy.  If you are one of those older people, and you happen to have a very smart daughter that takes care of your financial matters and in fact does this stuff for a living, don’t always second guess what she tells you because one of your little old lady friends tells you something completely erroneous or does things wrong themselves.

If you have your taxes prepared by an accountant, and they take the time to send you an organizer that lists everything you need to bring or send in, take the time to at least look at it.  You don’t even have to fill in the amounts.  Just send in the right documentation.  It gets so tiring. EVERY SINGLE YEAR, to have to call and ask for the SAME THINGS over and over again, just because you can’t even look at the paperwork we send that spells it ALL out.  Remember, most accountants charge you for the time spent doing your return–and this takes up a LOT of time!!

And, lastly, if your mama is sick, she’s probably gonna be very bitchy.  So tread lightly.

The Wonderful World of Germs

I woke up with no problem this morning. I went to bed before midnight, which is early for me, so I could start my first day back to work in a good mood. I felt rested, strong, and healthy. I was hoping that someone would already be at the office when I got in and have the coffee brewing. No such luck. But that was ok. I unlocked the office, turned on lights and got the coffee and tea pots going.

One by one, they straggled in. One sicker than the one before. Coughing, hacking, and sputtering. Not looking too healthy. Even the computers were sick! I could go online, but I couldn’t get to the site where I get my good e-mail. I could only get my crappy AOL spam e-mail. Ron said everybody was having computer problems lately. Great. Just what I need. The receptionist shuffled in with her two sniffling little girls (I work for a small family-run company) and said she’d had this bug since early January. Oh my God, she sounded like she had pneumonia. The younger of the toddlers ended up puking phlegm later in the day.

I almost forgot about this lovely aspect of work. There is always somebody sick. And as much as I try to avoid it, I sometimes end up with the crud, too. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling kind of crappy right now. I’m not imagining this. I think I’ve been infected–my first day back! I have that thick itchy feeling in my ears and throat. And I’m not happy.

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