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Random: Garbled Song Lyrics

I was skimming through Alphainventions and saw a blog post written by someone still apparently mourning the death of Michael Jackson.  She said she and some friends were listening to MJ’s song “Belly Jeans.”  I had to giggle thinking about Michael crooning about “Belly Jeans, she’s not my lover…”

Back in the 70’s, a family friend thought the one-hit wonder “My Sharona” was actually “Rice-a-Roni.”  Like an entire song was devoted to the ” San Francisco treat.”  This also brought to mind the episode of “King of Queens” where Doug was insisting that the song “Forever in Blue Jeans” was “Reverend Blue Jeans,” about some really cool preacher that wore blue jeans.  This really cracked me up the first time I saw it because I, too, at one time thought the lyrics were “reverend blue jeans.”

Those Busy Days of August

Even though we’re beyond the little kid back-to-school shopping stuff, this week has felt like we’ve gone back in time.  Yesterday ended up being mostly for me, though.  I had some great coupons I could not pass up, so I went out to spend them.  And I ended up getting some incredible bargains–for MYSELF!  Since I spent so much time doing this fun shopping, I had to go back and use the rest of the coupons today.

That turned out to be a good thing.  The store I was planning on going to yesterday had a bomb scare at about the EXACT time I would have been there if I hadn’t gotten so caught up shopping for my new clothes.  Plus, thanks to Middle Son J, we had to go right back out that way today.

J told us very recently that he needed the two patches on his Army dress uniform changed out to reflect his new rank.  And he’s leaving next week!  He also knows that there are no seamstresses in this family.  So today I had to scout around and find a place that will remove his old patches and sew on the new ones.  Then we had to get a form notarized for this deployment.  So we had to take a run to my office (the receptionist does notary work).  We stopped at the stores I had planned to go to yesterday, one of them being a Petsmart where we got Sky her very first toothbrush and toothpaste.  J loves to play with her teeth for some weird reason and has been bugging us to get her a toothbrush.  I figured since he’s going away for a year we could indulge him a little–and the dog’s breath has been a little funky lately.  And when Big Daddy heard we were headed out that way, he told us to stop and pick up the 5-gallon water jugs for our water cooler.

Shopping tires me out.  Two days in a row and I’m comatose.  By the time Big Daddy got home from work, I was sprawled out on the loveseat, with the blanket on me, watching Judge Judy.

Some Things We Learned This Past Week

Listen to the Red Cross workers and DO NOT do anything strenuous after giving blood. Big Daddy almost croaked last week during his weekly bike ride, even though they took a much “easier” ride than usual.

The internet is your friend when looking to solve a problem. I have not seen a creepy piss ant since I washed my counter down with white vinegar and sprinkled it with bay leaves and cloves. The vinegar stunk, and the new decor looks funky but so far, no ants.   *NOTE: See Update on previous post*

Sharing popcorn with a friend can lead to strep throat. I’m sure the friend didn’t know she had it at the time, but when Youngest Son got the worst sore throat EVER, and then later found out that the girl who’s popcorn he finished two days before had strep, well, we didn’t have to go to med school to figure that one out.

Having one extra person home generates about 20 extra pounds of laundry a week.

Two weeks flies by like a day when your son is on leave and has to go back to Iraq for another 4 months. Those 4 months will drag on like a year.

Random News

Now that Soldier Son is settled into his new home and has internet, I’ll be more likely to just post some random news about home. After he kept ignoring my bombardment of questions via e-mail, he finally had pity on his poor nosy mom and told me to get on AIM so we could chat. I like to know what’s going on with my sons. I NEED to know. When they were in school, I couldn’t WAIT until they got home so I could find out what went on in their little lives that day. It’s not that I don’t have a life (it just sounds that way). I just wanted to experience their day with them, rejoice in their accomplishments, make them feel better about any rough spots.

The house once again has buzzed hair shavings in the bathroom sink, smells of food cooking at all hours of the day, and the sound of bad TV shows (namely Family Guy and Sponge Bob) emanating from the tube. Yes, our J came home yesterday. And I’m not going to complain one bit about his messes. He’ll be leaving for Europe in a couple of short weeks, and we won’t get to see him for a while. Poor thing came home with a bug though. He spent part of last night throwing up the steak dinner we had. He feels a little better today but still has a slight fever.

Pup fell in the pool yesterday. We used to be afraid to let her inside the fenced area where the pool is because we used to think she would jump in the pool and maybe scratch and ruin our vinyl liner. Not to worry. When we first let her in, she wouldn’t even get close to the pool. She would walk around it as close to the fence and as far from the pool as she could get. Eventually, she felt comfortable enough to run around the pool on the concrete area and just hang out with us, but we were convinced she would never actually willingly get into the water. She was happy just licking the chlorine water off our legs or from the pavement. She’s a boxer. Boxers are runners, not swimmers.

Anyway, Big Daddy and Youngest Son were tossing the cloth pool balls and pool frisbee around. I was on the chaise lounge, sunning and watching them because they throw those damn things pretty hard and even though they’re cloth, they’re full of water and sting when they hit you. Sky was all excited, thinking they were playing doggie in the middle, and was running from one end of the pool to the other. When the frisbee flew close to the side, pup jumped up to get it and…big brown dog was in the water! I didn’t see her head go under, but Big Daddy assured us that it did. I just saw her funny little face after she came back up, looking shocked and scared, and her little paws flailing furiously doing an instinctive doggie paddle. Big Daddy yelled, “Get her out,” and Youngest Son scooped her up in his arms and gingerly carried her to the edge so she wouldn’t scratch the liner, her paws still flailing.

Every time I think of her little boxer face in the pool, I can’t help but laugh. She was strangely well-behaved and extra affectionate all night after that episode.

Yay! News From Iraq

We finally got an e-mail from Soldier Son. A sandstorm originally delayed his relocation, and he was living out of his backpack for a while. They just recently convoyed to their current location and he sounds happy. He even saw a kitty- -on the streets of Iraq. I’m hoping that’s the scariest thing he sees there. 🙂

Back here, not much is going on. We just had the most wonderful week of 85-90 degree sunny weather and brilliant blue skies. Perfect summer days–and it’s still technically Spring! The pool temp was up to 94 degrees–until Youngest Son and Shayna left the pool cover off last night. And now it’s raining.

We had a Scrabble rematch last night. This time, it was me and Youngest Son neck and neck for the win. He squeaked by me at the end, but it was worth it when he set me up for a brilliant triple word coup worth over 40 points. He was fuming. I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Shayna and Big Daddy were debating on who was more obnoxious about winning.

There are a lot of things I’ve been stewing about and I think next week I may start my ranting right here. But today, I’m just glad I heard from Soldier Son.

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