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We’ve Got A Friend In…Biden?

As much as I dislike politicians, and particularly the ones who are dying to take away our inherent rights and freedoms, I have to give a nod to Vice President Joe Biden.

Some say he has diarrhea of the mouth.  I tend to agree.  He says some pretty stupid things…politically speaking.  His party isn’t too pleased with him for his latest political gaffe, which was to speak from the heart about the swine flu scare.  He stated, without a teleprompter feeding him the politically safe sound bites, that he would tell his family members to avoid enclosed spaces (such as public transportation).  This could, of course, feed into the panic, and further damage the economy and travel industry.

On the other hand, he was telling American what was true…for him.  What if there really was something to fear?  Would you rather have the politicians tell you everything was just fine, go about your business, while they themselves took precautions for themselves and their families?  I don’t want to inflict further damage on our country, but at the same time, I would like to know enough to make my own informed decisions.

If there is good intel out there that some maniacs are going to fly airplanes into buildings, I’d like to know about this before I decide to fly across the country.  If there is chatter about a possible school invasion, I want to be able to decide whether or not to send my kid to school that day.  I expect our illustrious leaders to do everything they can to prevent these catastrophes, but give me a head’s up.  There are a lot of risk takers out there.  Our economy will recover in the long run.

On Politicians: They DO NOT CARE About You

The most ridiculous reason I hear for why people are voting for a particular candidate is this:  This politician CARES about us!  Or they care about the poor, the middle-class, the down-trodden, humanity in general, etc. ad nauseum.

Hear this people:  Your grandma may care about you.  Your daddy may care about you.  These politicians don’t give a flying FIG about you.  They court you only for your vote.  They love the power, the money, and the opportunities that YOUR VOTE can give them.  If they give the impression that they want to help you and the rest of humanity, you may be duped into supporting their lucrative career.

I’m not picking on one particular party.  For the most part, all the politicians are dirtbags.  Even if one goes into politics with the notion of helping people, he or she can’t survive or get anything done in such a corrupt environment.  You either play along, become corrupt yourself, or drop out.

Make your vote count and vote for the candidate who you think will do the best job of keeping our country strong, safe, and economically stable.  Throughout the years, a strong America has been a stabilizing force in the world.  We need to keep policies in force that will keep people working, and provide incentives to entrepreneurs willing to take risks to devise newer, cleaner and better ways to live and succeed in this world.  When our standard of living rises, so does everyone’s, for the most part.  But please don’t waste your vote on someone because you think they care.  Because, honest to God, they don’t.

On Stupid Moves: Raising The Minimum Wage

Youngest Son was a little worried about finding a job this summer.  His school let out a little later than some of the other colleges.  Other than a paper route years ago and doing odd jobs for various neighbors, he didn’t have a lot of job experience.  And, according to several newspaper articles and also the experience of some of his friends, there didn’t seem to be a lot of jobs out there.  Somehow, Youngest Son ended up with three part-time jobs.  They just kind of fell into his lap.  But a lot of teens haven’t been quite so lucky.  Yes, we may be on the verge of a recession.  However, idiot politicians, who have no idea about the concept of supply and demand, decided to do us a “favor” and raise the minimum wage.

Because most politicians start out as lawyers, they have no real idea about how business really works.  They most likely majored in English rhetoric (learning to parse words) or political theory.  If they had to take any business or economics classes at all, they were probably the basics.  And now, we the taxpayers, are paying for their stupidity.  They don’t understand how supply and demand work, so they probably don’t realize that  if wages are too low, the supply of workers willing to work at a particular place will also be low.  It’s a self-adjusting kind of thing.  Raise the wage, and the supply of willing workers will increase, even for a somewhat distasteful job.  Money talks.

But the idiot lawmakers seem to think they need to set an artificially high “minimum” wage.  They want to act like they care about the poor down-trodden worker.  But what they’re doing is knocking the whole economy off balance.  Small businesses, who may be able to lure in willing teen and entry-level workers with lower wages (but also decent working conditions and maybe opportunities to learn a skill or advance), now will have to pay the same skill-level workers more than their market worth, and maybe more than the business can afford.  What does the small business do?  It must either cut back on new hires, or raise prices for its goods and services.  How does that help any of us poor schmucks?

Relative value of the more experienced workers also shrinks, along with the number of entry level jobs.  After paying your dues and learning a skill, suddenly the newbie you’re training is making almost as much as you, even though you’ve worked your way up the ladder.  Do you think the boss is going to increase everyone’s wages, just because they’re mandated to increase the minimum wage?  They can barely pay the new rate (and of course the higher employer taxes that go along with the increased wages).  Or maybe the boss hires fewer workers, or lays off the new guys.  You will still make the same amount, but have to work your ass off a little more to make up for the guys he can no longer afford to keep around.

Of course, politicians spin this as a good thing to do.  We’re giving workers a “living” wage.  Not that they, or their kids, will ever have to “live” on these wages.  And not like they’ll be affected by the resulting unemployment and collapsed family businesses.  But they make it sound like it’s such a nice thing to do.

Politicians do things for one reason, and one reason only–to garner votes.  Some people actually think these careerists care about the plights and problems of their constituents.   This is not only sad, but scary.  Because these silver-tongued hoarders, by sounding sincere in their lies and promises, are influencing the policies of our great country.  If people think they care and will help them, then these people will vote for them.  Then they can vote themselves raises, get fat paychecks while taking the entire summer off, get their friends and relatives cushy made-up jobs, have top-notch health-care (while pretending to care about your crappy health care), and live out their golden years with a big fat taxpayer-funded pension.  And all they have to do is pretend they care!

Smart people, or ones that have actually taken economics classes, know that There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TINSTAAFL).  See, I was actually listening back there in Econ class, even if my eyes were sometimes closed.  (It was right after lunch).  If you want higher wages, go to school, learn a trade, and work your way up the ladder.  Don’t wait for some idiot to artificially inflate your worth and screw up the whole economy!

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