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Mr. Trump, You’re Hired!

Hmmm, after waiting years to produce a birth certificate to prove he was a natural born U.S. citizen (a requirement for holding the highest office in the country!), only “the Donald” could stir up enough fear, controversy, or trouble to force Obama to come up with something that appears to show that he was indeed born here.  As always, this inquiring mind has many questions:

Why the wait? 

Is it that money does indeed really talk? 

Are we to believe that someone in Mr. Obama’s position had that much trouble getting his hands on such a crucial document to dispel these disruptive rumors?

If  it does actually take that long for the POTUS to wade through red tape, what hope do we ordinary peeps have to access things we need, say like government health care, etc?

Does it take longer to produce a real birth certificate if you are really a U.S. born citizen, or to forge a convincing replica if you were not actually born here?

Is it better to have people focusing on the question of your origin of birth or honing in on the real issues of government corruption and pandering to rogue foreign leaders?

Now it appears we may need the extreme influence of Mr. Trump to get to the bottom of a new batch of questions. Although most of us Americans feel some degree of satisfaction that good has triumphed over evil and Osama bin Laden has gone to meet his 72 virgins–oh, wait–that’s for the good guys–we wonder why Obama has set himself up for more controversial questions.  Here are a few:

After almost 10 years of relentless searching, how does it happen that our most anti-military, foreign-ass-kissing president gets to claim victory for this military coup?

Why, after such an unbelievable feat being accomplished on his watch, would he so hastily dump the evidence into the depths of the Arabian Sea?

Is following Islamic burial tradition really going to deter these terrorists, who have nothing else on their agenda besides hatred and killing?

Why must we respect the dead body of the biggest mass murderer since Hitler while our young soldiers’ bodies are dragged through the streets and many of the victims of this monster could not even be recovered for proper burial in accordance with our traditions?

As Obama’s ratings plummet, was bin Laden served up as a sacrificial lamb by even more evil elements who wish to keep Obama popular and in power in order to preserve the one-world government dream?

In the scheme of things, bin Laden’s death is mostly a symbolic victory.  It will not bring the thousands of victims back.  It will not prevent countless others who have no jobs, dreams, or freedom to pursue more productive lives from joining terrorist groups.  Unfortunately, it will probably not keep my son and the children of other Americans from having to deploy to an insane lawless region of the world.  But I love to see good triumph over evil, and a villain delivered into hell where he belongs.  And I’d love Mr. Trump to continue asking the questions the rest of us want to know.

Stupid, Stupid Things

Stupid, stupid me.  I know politicians are overpaid arrogant windbags.  And I know they make little deals amongst themselves to get their own agendas pushed through.  But I didn’t know it was common practice to not even read the bills they’re trying to push through.  I wonder how many other U. S. citizens were surprised when Michigan Congressman John Conyers expressed shock that the American people actually expected them to read the health care bill that Obama wants to push through in record time.  Gee, it’s over a thousand pages.  It’s in lawyer-speak.   How can we expect them to actually read the thing?  Well, hell.  Most of us don’t make over $174,000/year with life-time top-of-the-line health care, huge government pensions, and outrageous expense reimbursements, and we do our jobs.  They even have taxpayer provided staff to do a lot of the work for them.  What exactly is their job???

On the state level, our Pennsylvania windbags can’t even push the budget through.  And we’re not alone.  A month behind, and our crooked governor’s solution is to withhold paychecks to the state police and other state workers who are actually doing their jobs and accomplishing something.  This is his way to pressure the budget makers to raise taxes yet again in our tax-happy commonwealth.  Meanwhile, the idiots who can’t get anything done are still able to collect their car allowances and other expenses.  If we could eliminate some of their wasteful spending, we could pay our public servants and not raise taxes.

President Obama did a stupid, stupid thing when he decided to open his mouth without the teleprompter to guide him.  He alienated law enforcement across the country when he decided to publicly comment on something he didn’t even have all the facts on.  He showed his true colors (which apparently is anything but white) when he accused the Cambridge police officers of “racial profiling” when they went to investigate a call that was made to them.  The officers were responding to a 911 call that someone was breaking into a neighbor’s home.  That man was breaking into the home; however, it was his own.  He had forgotten his keys.  Instead of thanking the officers for responding promptly to the call to potentially protect his property, the arrogant black buddy of Obama put up a fuss and insisted they were picking on him because of his color.  A less arrogant person would have explained the situation and showed some ID.  A less arrogant president would not have even commented on such a non-presidential matter.

Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington has completed his mission of decimating our once-loved baseball team.  He has been systematically trading all of our world-class professional ball players for “prospects.”  Our popular and incredibly talented infielders, Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez, are the latest to go.  Only catcher Ryan Doumit remains from the Pirates’ starting lineup of July 2008.  It’s a good bet he’ll be gone by Friday, the trade deadline.  The last several trades have been shocking to everyone in the area.  Star players are being let go for nobodies.  People are selling their season tickets.  Die-hard fans have quit watching.  I’ve even read letters from sports fans in other cities wondering what’s going on.  It makes me wonder if old Neal is getting some kind of financial kickback.  Hubby expects that maybe we’ll soon see him managing one of the teams that has so cheaply acquired some of our best players.  He claims he is “building” a team for the future.  In the meantime, he’s losing the loyal fans we had.  Why pay Major League prices and deal with city traffic to watch a minor league team?  We can watch more exciting baseball for free at the local Little League field.  Who cares about a “future” team when there will be no fans left to watch?

Leave Them Kids Alone

At one time, I used to watch David Letterman.  Back then,his humor was something new and different, and he was actually funny.  Maybe because there are so many other choices on TV now, I don’t watch any late night talk shows.  They’re not all that funny to me anymore.  Dave just rehashes the same junk over and over.  He’s old and boring now.  Even worse, his desperation to win the ratings race has just shown his lack of substance.

Trying to show how hip and liberal he is with the Hollywood crowd, he jumped on the “attack Sarah Palin” bandwagon.  Before most of America even knew who the hell she was, the airwaves and the blogosphere were just filled with the most vitriolic hate for this woman and her entire family.  I never really understood the personal attacks on Governor Palin.  There are plenty of conservative politicians; with the exception of GW Bush and Cheyney, I have never heard of any other attacked and picked apart like she was.  And I thought liberals liked strong assertive women?!  Oh, that’s right.  Only when they’re defending their philandering husbands or being good little first ladies aiding their man’s career.

Anyhoo,  old Dave thought he’d make a tasteless joke about one of Palin’s  daughters.  I’m sure he thought it was OK, since the media was so nasty toward the Palins.  The governor and her daughter were attending a baseball game in New York and Letterman actually thought it would be funny to say that one of the baseball players “knocked up” the young 14-year old daughter who accompanied Palin.  He also made some reference to Eliot Spitzer, implying that this poor innocent young girl was like one of Spitzer’s call girls.  Like that’s funny, Dave?  How is that funny?  He later made a lame apology saying he thought the daughter that attended the game was 18-year-old Bristol.  Like, does that make it funnier?  Bristol has gotten a raw deal from the liberals also since she decided to take responsibility for the child she conceived rather than abort it.

No matter what your political persuasion, I think it’s perverse and disgusting to denigrate a child.  You just don’t need to go there.  Kids should be off-limits when it comes to political attacks or lame attempts at late-night humor.   Even President Obama agrees with that.

Shame on you, Dave.  You’re a dad now yourself.  How would you like it if your little Harry was insulted by some mean-spirited comedian looking for ratings?  It was sickening when Chelsea Clinton was insulted.  It’s appalling that the Palin children are joked about.  Can you even imagine the uproar if those two innocent little girls in the White House were the brunt of such ignorance?

While Letterman has the right to spew his tasteless jokes, child advocates have the right to call for a boycott of his sponsors.  Here is a listing for anyone inclined to do so.

Empathy For Whom?

The Sixth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution provides that  ” In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State…”  It only makes sense that the judge should be impartial also.

One of the most important qualities on President Obama’s wish list for the judge he plans to nominate to fill Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s position is empathy.  If you look up the word empathy in any dictionary, you will find a definition similar to this one from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language:

Identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives.

What I want to know is, who should be the recipient of a judge’s empathy?  Should it be the victim that was wronged?  Or should it be the defendant, or the person accused of wrongdoing?  The defendant already has the presumption of innocence until found guilty.  So once the accused is found guilty, should a judge allow his/her personal feelings into the decision?  I thought justice was blind.

While campaigning last year, candidate Obama gave his thoughts on the law a la Obama:

“I want my justice to understand that part of the role of the court is to look out for the people who don’t have political power. The people who are on the outside. The people who aren’t represented. The people who don’t have a lot of money; who don’t have connections. That’s the role of the court.”

To me, a murder victim is a murder victim.  If my kid becomes a rich doctor through his hard work and is killed in a jealous rage by a poor crack addict who grew up with bad parents, my child is still dead.  Is the crime more or less reprehensible than the homeless man bludgeoned to death by a group of bored suburban kids?  A life is a life and a crime is a crime.

The most important legal decisions in the land should be determined fairly, by an impartial panel of judges who follow the law, and not their poor bleeding hearts.

In His Own Words: Obama for Reparations and Redistribution of Wealth

Believe it or not, there are some people that still think Barack Obama’s “changes” are going to be good changes for the American people.  Here is the 2001 radio interview (before he was campaigning for Prez) that should give you a better look into his true intentions (just in case his racist, terrorist, and Anti-American associates haven’t given you a clue yet).  Of course, you will never hear this on CBS, ABC, or NBC news.  They’d rather dis Sarah Palin’s hair or criticize her for not having enough money to buy her own suits.

Of course, there are some people that would embrace Socialism–at least for a while.  These are the people that don’t mind being taken care of all their lives, people that have no hopes and dreams for the future and are happy to just subsist and have their most basic needs provided without having to actually work much.  Also, the ones in charge of doling out the goodies (and of course, able to take all they want from the top of the pile) are seeing a big opportunity here, too.  But I don’t think the majority of us Americans want to live like that.  It didn’t work for the Soviets.  The Cubans are still trying to get the hell out of Cuba.  And we certainly don’t need it here!

On Joe The Plumber: And Mob Revenge

Poor Joe the Plumber.  As a concerned citizen seeking to become a more informed voter, he asked Barack Obama about his plan to redistribute income through raising taxes on successful businesspeople.  Now he’s being investigated, his life is being probed, and his personal business is being reported throughout media outlets.  All because he asked a question of the Anointed One, in a way the Anti Messiah didn’t approve.

One day, Joe was a plumber minding his business.  The next day, the liberals are trying to dig up any dirt they can find about him.  Kind of reminds me of a certain scene from “The Godfather.”  You know, the one where the so-called double-crosser finds the dead horse in his bed.  You just don’t cross certain people.  You may end up wearing cement shoes.  Or finding dead animals in your house.  Obama is surrounded by a lot of shady characters; perhaps some of their tactics are rubbing off.

Who knows?  Maybe I should be afraid.  I’m sure some of my posts could piss certain people off.  Maybe a lot of us bloggers should start worrying.  After all, one of the Dems big proposals is to silence all the “conservatives” on the radio airwaves through the ironically named “Fairness Doctrine,” even though these folks don’t reach nearly the numbers that the liberal mainstream media brainwash and misinform daily.

So fellow Republicans and hard-working conservatives, watch your back.  You may end up being vetted, audited, and maybe even silenced.  There are certain elements of society that you just don’t dare cross.

Do NOT Hand Our Country Over to Thugs

You may have noticed I’ve avoided any political musings lately.  It’s a mental health thing.  Sometimes I just have to stay away from things that upset me too much.

There are some things I just can’t understand.  One is why the mainstream media is so blatantly leftist in their views.  Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are usually the first thing to go in leftist regimes.

Another is the way the rich idiots in Hollywood like to spout out how our government doesn’t look out for the little guy.  Well, if they’re so truly concerned, why don’t they just shut up and hand over all their excessive incomes to bail out their rich banker buddies.  After all, it was their candidate and good buddy, Bill Clinton, that insisted that banks make loans available to people that would never be able to pay them back.  Yes, the American dream of home ownership should be accessible to everyone–everyone who is willing and able to work hard and spend wisely.

We may have unknowingly let thugs weaken our country and rob us blind.  But come November, please do not just totally give up and hand over the country to thugs that hate America and everything we used to stand for.  Who would you rather hand over the reins to:

John McCain:  A man who loves this country and who bravely fought and suffered abuse in the company of other brave Americans to defend our country.  A man who is not afraid to do the right thing even if it’s not the popular thing to do.  A man with enough character that even the most die-hard liberal has trouble finding fault with.


Barack Obama:  A man who is influenced, supported and adored by criminals and America bashers galore (think William Ayers–former Pentagon-bombing thug; the America-damning Rev. Jeremiah Wright; and garden variety hypocrite and moron Michael Moore).  These are NOT nice people.  Most of us Americans still are.

No one may be able to totally fix this mess we’re in.  But someone could make it a hell of a lot worse!

I’m One of Obama’s “Bitter” Pennsylvanians

“…And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

This is the stereotype Senator Barack Obama has of small-town Midwestern Americans (including Pennsylvanians).  It’s funny how he can so freely stereotype some Americans (typical white-person when referring to his white grandmother’s prejudice) and the above comments, while other people get fired from their jobs for far less.

Obviously, Senator Obama is sorely out of touch with working-class America.  In Western Pennsylvania, so many of the working people here are children and grandchildren of immigrants.  My grandparents got off the boat from Italy at Ellis Island and worked hard to make a life here.  We are not anti-immigrant.  What we are, is, anti-freeload.  Our ancestors struggled to make ends meet, followed the rules to become citizens, and learned the customs and language and assimilated into the American dream.  We expect the same of immigrants today.  We don’t want to support a bunch of people that come into the country illegally, expect free medical care and education in return for nothing, and show disdain for their adopted country by not even learning the language.  Every American should be insulted by that.

Religion?  Since when is it bad to cling to religion during hard times?  Most religions bring comfort to people, keep society civil, and urge cohesiveness.  That is unless you subscribe to the divisive theology of Obama’s pastor, Reverend Wright, who seems to believe that America is divided into victimized black America and evil exploiting white America.  Never mind that Wright and Obama both grew up with many advantages that a lot of white working-class “evil-doers” only dream about.

And guns.  My guys don’t hunt, but they have their guns.  They like to target shoot, recreationally.  And, yes, we do want to be able to protect ourselves from any criminal out there that, even if guns somehow should be banned by the Democrats, would still illegally be able to obtain them.  We like to keep a more level playing field.  If it’s “bitter” to want to protect one’s family, I’ll choose to be bitter.

“Punished With A Baby?”

I used to be a Democrat.  That’s when I was young and idealistic, and I didn’t see how people work the system.  That was also before the Democratic party became the party of “victimization,” always trying to stir up discontent and envy instead of trying to reward responsibility and empowering people to better their own lives.  You see, it’s easier to win votes from people if you encourage them to be lazy and then promise to take care of them.  Senator Obama’s recent speech on how he wouldn’t want his daughters punished for a “mistake” with a baby is a prime example of how the Democrats think.  My guess is that they might just “sweep” that mistake out of existence, instead of taking responsibility for their actions.  It’s the Democrat way.

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