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What Is The Deal With My Hairdresser?

Okay.   I LOVE my hairdresser.  But I think she’s messing with me.  This is the second time in a row that she put some weird choppy layers about mid-ear into my hair.  I didn’t like the way it looked last time so I specifically said to her on Thursday to trim the hair and even it out so it’s ALL ONE LENGTH because it was looking a little scraggly.  I said it so that I wasn’t blaming her for the scragglies even though it was her damn layers that left the little scragglies on the bottom, but I made it quite clear that I wasn’t happy with the scraggliness.  I like it sleek and full on the bottom, and when she chops those layers into the hair (which by the way she just does on the full unparted side of hair), it leaves a thin layer of hair below that kind of flips up.  WTF is that look supposed to be?  It’s not like she’s never cut my hair the way I like it.  She’s usually a freaking hair genius!

All of a sudden, though, she wants to cut in these weird layers.  Even though I said I want it full at the bottom here (and held my hand out in a little C shape down by my shoulder).  Like is she experimenting on me?  I don’t know why.  I always tip her.  We get along great.  So why the heck is she giving me this weird-shaped head!!?

I’m Almost Blonde–And So’s Big Daddy

The first thing I did when tax season was drawing to a close, was schedule a hair appointment for this week.  Having no time for even routine maintenance was really making me feel pretty frumpy.  I decided a few years ago that my hair looks best between chin and shoulder length, and it was way past my shoulders.  And even though one of those root touch up kits kept me from having to put a bag over my head, I was long overdue for a nice fresh color.

My stylist had tried something different last year.  She loves experimenting with color, and I’m a willing participant which she probably loves.  Last summer, I wanted to go strawberry blonde because I thought it would look good with my tan.  She advised against it because my hair was too dark at the time and she didn’t want to have to strip the color.  So instead, we went with a gorgeous auburn shade with some subtle golden highlights.  I felt glamorous all summer.

Today, since my hair was so faded, she said I could probably go lighter than usual and she could put in some even lighter highlights.  When she was done, what a transformation!  Perfect length, great style, and I was as close to blonde as I’ve ever been.  I mentioned to my stylist that Big Daddy was gonna like this!

Well, he came home from his 3 hour drive (this was his once a month week to do business out of town) and was raring to go bike riding.  I walked past him thinking for sure that he’d notice the hair (it’s radically different).  He was focused on that bike ride, I guess.  He was probably tired from the drive, I suppose.  But he didn’t mention the hair until I brought it up.  This is not really a HUGE deal except for the fact that he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS comments on how I don’t pay attention.  The whole family thinks I’m a space cadet because I miss little details.  So I may look blonde, but Big Daddy had a blonde moment of his own.

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