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On Aging: Isn’t It Ironic?

I got my first pair of bifocals I’d say about 6 years ago. My vision had always been perfect, but at that time I was needing to hold the paper further away from my face in order to read the print. For the longest time, I only wore my glasses when I planned to do a lot of reading, or if we were high up in the bleachers and I wanted to be able to better discern which of the running figures on the soccer field was my son. I now have three pairs of glasses laying around, and I alternate wearing them by whichever pair happens to be handiest. But lately, even with them on, I’m having trouble making out some small print. “Is that an 8 or a 6?”, I’ll ask one of my better-sighted family members. And last night, I think I finally figured out one reason why it takes so long for me to read the paper. I doze off on my recliner quite often while reading. I thought that was another sign of aging, and that’s probably a part of it. But I noticed I was having trouble focusing on the words. I started closing one eye so I could see better. And it started to be more trouble than it was worth. I finally have time now to read, and it’s just too hard to do it. I turned the light off and went to bed.

Another thing that really bugs me is the way my middle-aged body likes to store little pockets of fat. I was blessed with a really high metabolism, so most of my life I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted in whatever quantities I wanted and stay thin. Birth control pills kind of slowed things down, but I could still look pretty good with a little aerobic exercise. I never had to diet, although after my third child I started using low fat dairy products and skim milk. Now, however, I exercise more than I ever did in my entire life. I take three-mile runs, I’ve started using our weight machines, AND the most torturous thing of all–I’ve cut down on snacking. And I’m still fighting the bulges. My poor mom was lamenting the same thing yesterday when she stopped over. She takes a good half-hour walk almost every day and barely eats anything anymore. But if we don’t wear our Spanx-like body shapers, we look like a roller-coaster track under our dress clothes. The thing that’s most annoying about this is they always said women need to store fat to have healthy babies. Well, guess what? Neither one of us is having any babies anymore!! Shouldn’t we be shedding the fat? It’s just…not…fair.

I’ve finally reached the age where I know what’s going on and have learned many of life’s lessons. But the youngsters don’t always want to listen to the wisdom of some old middle-aged mom. They’d rather listen to their peers or find out the hard way for themselves. After many years, I finally feel very content and comfortable in my own skin. Sadly, however, that skin is just not as taut as it used to be. 😦

Wow, Am I Dumb.

There was a phrase that Big Daddy(my hubby) and I used to use, back when we were younger, referring to older women that wandered around aimlessly in grocery stores, drove 30 mph in the left passing lane without getting over, and just generally meandered glassy-eyed through life.  “Middle-aged crazy,” we’d chuckle, shaking our heads.  Now I’m not laughing anymore because not only am I middle-aged, but I may be stepping into the realm of the Middle-Aged Crazies.  Example One:  I really thought that was a picture of my dog Sky that I posted yesterday.  It was, after all, on our computer.  It is a boxer with very similar coloring.  In fact, even though I couldn’t recall the floor it was standing on and I didn’t think she ever had a purple collar, the fog just didn’t lift quite enough for me to grasp the reality until I picked up Youngest Son from college.  He asked me why I posted some random dog on my blog when he had sent me so many good pictures of Sky.   Wow.  Then Thunderbolt Number Two–and this one is disturbing.  I never realized that little lab rats, after performing their duties for science, were then euthanized.  This new knowledge just upset me immensely.  Not that I’m overly fond of rodents.  I wouldn’t want to find a rat in my house.  I don’t know where I thought they would go.  I guess I just never thought about it which makes me feel really dumb considering my age and all.  So, about that tax return I’ve been working on.  I think I’ll check it over several times before I send it off into cyberspace.  I’m feeling kinda dumb today.

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