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Doing The Important Things

Yeah, I’m living in a pig sty.  I’ll admit it.  I’m living with three giant eating machines, and the big guy that spawned them.  We also have a slobbering boxer dog that drops toys all over the house.  No matter how many times I tell her to clean after herself, she just looks at me like this and walks away.

Sky Acting Dumb

Sky Acting Dumb

Two of the eating machines won’t be cluttering the house much longer since school starts for both before the month is up.  One is frantically trying to put together the dorm hall “theme” that he probably should have started on a little earlier.  The other was even more frantically trying to get a schedule set up and a place to live.  They’ve also had a lot of friends in and out the past few days.  Everyone’s trying to catch up.  No one knows how the summer breezed in and out so fast.

In between all the packing and shopping and hunting for apartments, we also want to spend a little more time together.  We biked.  We swam.  We went out to eat.  We haven’t done much house cleaning.  They’re packing up most of this crap and moving it out soon anyways.

How J Unpacked From Germany

How J Unpacked From Germany

Today, we took the 45 minute drive to Middle Son J’s campus to square away some details.  Then we drove through the town looking for “For Rent” signs, hoping for a miracle.  We found a place a very short walk from campus that they’re just completing.  Brand spanking new apartments.  We checked them out, and he even got to pick the one he wanted.  They promise it will be done before school starts, complete with clean shiny appliances.  There’s even a Quiznos right next door.  Yum!

While we were gone, my mom stopped over with some garden goodies from my cousin’s giant garden.  She told me she’d be coming over; I told her just to leave the goodies in the kitchen if we happened to be gone. When I noticed the bag sitting in the kitchen, I called to thank her for bringing the veggies over, to which she replied:  “It looks like a bomb exploded in your house.  Doesn’t anybody pick up their clothes?”

Laundry Hell

Laundry Hell

Sometimes, I get really ticked off when she makes a comment like that.  I’ve been known to fume or get indignant.  Today, it didn’t even phase me.  I replied, “Yep.  It sure does.  It’s really awful.”  Because it was.  And I don’t care.  I’m getting my kids ready for school and the housework can wait.  It will wait tomorrow while we get supplies for Youngest Son’s project.  It will wait the next day when we look for some modestly priced furniture to fill up J’s apartment.  There are more important things to do right now.

The Behinder I Get

It’s been a busy week, y’all.  What makes it worse, every time I do something anymore, my poor old body needs a nap.  The week in brief:

Wednesday:  My very first venture into a casino.  I started out with my usual piss poor luck and zipped through a couple $5’s and a $20, while the little old ladies next to me were striking it rich.  At the Wheel of Fortune machine, I didn’t get one spin, but the guy next to me said I was bringing him luck.  He’d never hit so much.  Great.  After a great free lunch (cost us only the tip), I found a machine that liked me.  I had no idea what I was doing, but it kept flashing and dinging, and playing catchy little tunes.  I had started out with a spare penny voucher and $20 free play from the casino, and I cashed out at $54.

Thursday:  College starts on August 31 for Middle Son J.  While he was in Germany, I reminded him many times to set things up, like make sure he tries to get housing for the school year and to schedule his classes.  Obviously, he did nothing.  NADA.  So here it is, the middle of August and he has nowhere to live.  The housing office informed us there are no vacancies in the apartments he was hoping to live in, nor do they have anything in the dorms, which he really didn’t want to live in again.  He tried to schedule classes, but everything was closed.  Schnikey!  His advisor had the day off, so J e-mailed him of his plight and asked if somehow he could help him get in some of the classes he needs.  This was how I spent my Thursday:  making sure J was taking care of business (contacting the school and friends about getting housing), and catching up with the housework I didn’t do on Wednesday.

Friday:  I got a $10 coupon from JC Penney last week.  Ten dollars off anything, with no minimum purchase required.  Naturally, I had to cash it in before it expired.  I spent the day clothes shopping for me, and grocery shopping for the family.  I would have bought more at Penney’s, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to carry enough stock in my size.  There were plenty of size 6’s, though. Don’t they realize that anyone small enough to wear a 6 is probably shopping in Juniors?  They had a lot of bigger Misses sizes, too.  What about us women in the middle, with birthin’ hips and a little mommy pouch?

Saturday:  Big Daddy, Youngest Son, and I drove an hour away to Meyersdale to ride on the bike trail.  The two guys and a friend of Big Daddy’s had ridden it earlier this year, but they had done a 60 mile ride.  We planned a shorter version this time, and rode 25 miles.  I knew I could do this since I went 34 miles on another trail last year but what I didn’t realize was this ride was a steady 1% uphill grade.  Thank goodness it was downhill all the way back.  I’ll have to do this again sometime so I can get pictures.  It was an awesome mountain view at the end of our ride, but none of us had a working phone with us  to snap a photo.  When we finally got home, I slipped into a coma.

Upsides: I didn’t realize I actually came out ahead at the casino.  I missed counting a $20, so I actually WON about $12 by the end of the day!

Middle Son J’s advisor sent an e-mail back with his entire schedule made up.  No hassle.  No begging for classes.  All ready to go.  Tomorrow, we’re going to go look for an apartment for him.

I actually did find a few cute things at Penney’s.  Four items to be exact–and for only $29!shoppinggg

We were starving after our bike ride and stopped at a restaurant to eat.  I didn’t even worry about the calories.  I figured I’d burned enough.  On the way home, Big Daddy stopped at a bakery.  He can’t pass a bakery up without stopping.  I had a cherry-filled square and a peanut butter blossom with my coffee this morning.  That helped alleviate the muscle pain from yesterday’s cycling. 😀

Summer? What Summer?

Well, all my chickadees are back in the nest.  At least temporarily.  Middle Son J got in from Fort Benning last night, after arriving there from Germany last week.  It’s so nice to have him home.  But it reminds me once again that summer is disappearing fast.

I think we’ve managed to convince J to go back to school this semester.  I don’t think he knows where he’s going to live yet up there, but it’s a start.  Youngest Son’s work in the lab is over, and he’s decided to just chill for the couple weeks he has left before he has to return to college.  Since he got the prefect job and will be in charge of a wing of young freshmen dorm residents, he has to be up there a little earlier than most of the students.  We actually went school shopping last week for anything he might need for school this year.  I actually encouraged him to buy stuff–and I was paying!  I even bought his books, which is usually the kids’ responsibility.  I figure it’s the least I can do since he’s saving me thousands on room and board, due to the prefect job.

I can’t shake this tinge of sadness I feel.  The end of summer doesn’t have that sense of urgency it used to have when the kids were younger, but it still feels like the end of something.  In the spring, it seems like summer is an endless opportunity to accomplish things and get in shape.  And we did get a few things done.  The garage sale cleaned out tons of clutter from the basement.  We now have a new patio around our backyard fire pit, and a new basement door.  I even started to lose some weight, due to the high intensity treadmill workouts I was doing.  But I’ve gotten lethargic again, and I’m back to square one.

It was cooler and rainier this summer than almost any summer that I can remember.  That may be why it feels like the summer that wasn’t.  I think I’m just going to indulge this lazy feeling, and enjoy the rest of the summer with my boys while they’re home.  I’ll get a lot more done when they’re back at school, anyways.  And September is usually a warm dry month.  I’m starting to see some endless possibilities coming up this fall.

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