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The Delusional Al Gore

I’ve been super bitchy lately, snapping at anyone who looks at me the wrong way.  It’s not even that time of month.  But it is definitely that time of year.

I hate winter.  My own personal hell is that I never seem to be able to warm up from November until the spring thaw, unless I’ve just stepped out of a steaming shower that turns my skin lobster red.  My natural urge to cocoon at home is magnified when I feel the negative wind chill gusts; every chore requiring me to leave my cozy home feels like a march toward death.  I worry about hubby and kids slip-sliding on the icy roads, especially now that we’re one wreck away from being dropped by our very good and forgiving insurance company.  The snow is pretty, but only for day.  And only on a quiet weekend, when nobody has anywhere to go.

Here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, where our normal winters usually consist of some snow flurries, maybe one or two big snow storms (several inches up to maybe 2 feet at most) during the entire winter, and often many days where it is actually warm and dry enough to go outside with just a hoodie, it has been snowing every single day since before New Year’s Day.  Many areas have used up all the salt they need to make the roads passable.  And we’ve been lucky compared to many areas of the country.  There have been freezing temperatures in Florida, threatening the citrus crops.  The wind chill in North Dakota hit 52 below zero on Thursday, which is cold enough to harden a summer tire into a giant hockey puck.  I’m sure the polar bears would feel quite comfortable here in the lower 48 states right now.

All of this further infuriates me when I think of the bullshit Al Gore is trying to sell us, not only to make more money selling his junk science books, but also to promote his misguided ambition to become part of the “one world” elite.  If he was so concerned about his global footprint on planet Earth, would he really think it’s okay for him and Tipper to live in this 9000 square foot mansion in Tennessee?  (He also owns two other large homes).   And notice the ample supply of gas-guzzling SUV’s in the driveway?

Just one of Gore's homes

Yet, we common folk are expected to live carbon-neutral lifestyles, or pay dearly for our carbon offsets.  I’m sure he’d frown on us peons that have more than the one or two children overpopulating this overtaxed planet, yet he and Tipper went on to have four.  But then again, none of us were smart enough to have created the internet, and our kids will never be little Gorettes.  According to an article written is USA Today back when conscientious Al was traveling by private jet to promote his An Inconvenient Truth film, he hadn’t yet signed on to available programs that would allow him to use wind energy in exchange for a few pennies more per killowatt hour.  Yeah, better to let the middle-incomers spend their shrinking paychecks to support Al’s ficition.

In all fairness, Al and his followers don’t often use the term “global warming” anymore, now that it’s clear even to the puffed-up birds in Florida trying to keep warm that the planet is not becoming a desert.  The term “climate change” is now used in its place, but I could have told you years ago that our weather has become more extreme–hotter in summer, colder in winter, and super destructive natural disasters.  But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we humans are the cause.

My oldest son, who is waaay smarter than Al Gore, explained to us a much more sensible cause, involving facts about the moon’s wobble and the affect this has had throughout history on the climate.  (Perhaps he’ll blog about it?)  The polar ice caps have been melting–in the summer–but if the global warming “scientists” wanted to be fair, they would show that they grow back again in the winter.  Another blog shows an article where a real scientist predicts a cooling cycle for the next 50 years–and most of it caused by Mother Nature.  Other scientists have shown links between solar activity and Earth’s climate.  Of course, these explanations wouldn’t cause people to spend money on Al Gore’s books, nor would they promote the socialists’ money-grabbing cap and trade schemes.


On Feminism, Ugliness, and Hypocrisy–I’m Heaving It Out Folks

I’ve been stewing about this for days.  I’ve avoided writing too much about this because I didn’t want to get too ugly or offensive.  But now, after hearing Governor Palin’s speech, I don’t feel the need to get so ugly.  This woman can handle the ugliness, the sexism, and the hypocrisy that the left-wing media and good-ole-boys want to dish out.

There are just a few things in this world that really rile me up.  One is irresponsibility.  People that make big mistakes and don’t want to take responsibility for the consequences is one of the main problems in our country right now.  People make bad decisions all the time; that is human nature.  But when they will not take responsibility for their actions, when they want innocent people to bail them out of the results of their bad decisions, this really pisses me off.  Banks get greedy and make bad loans.  They should know better.  But when the little scheme backfires and people can’t pay back the loans, well, let’s get Joe Taxpayer to bail them out of their little gamble.  When people take out loans they should know they can’t afford, or build on flood plains without springing for any flood insurance, why should the rest of us who make better decisions and use common sense be forced to pay for it?  We’ve already paid for our own insurance, and our own higher interest rates on OUR mortgages.  None of these people were going to share with us if the little gamble worked out for them.

Another thing that scalds me is sexism.  The Democrats have used this issue for years, claiming themselves to be the champion of womens rights.  Women should be allowed to work outside the home.  Their kids will be fine in daycare.  Mommy doesn’t have to be chained to the house and kids.  I guess it’s fine so long as that woman is plugging along at minimum wage waiting on tables, or teaching at preschool.  It’s ok if she wants to be a clerical gal.  But the minute a woman wants to step into a position of power, a position those big-shot men want for themselves, well, suddenly they start worrying about the poor babies at home without their mommy.  Nobody ever freaking worried about Al Gore’s 4 kids under Tipper’s care while he was Vice President.  Why the sudden concern for Governor Palin’s family?  What about Barack Obama’s two adorable little girls?  How will they survive while Daddy does all his Presidential duties?

I happened to walk past the TV today when that horrible show, “The View,” was on.  I never intentionally watch that show since it makes me retch.  They can’t possibly pay poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck nearly enough to sit there every day and put up with the bile spewing from those big-mouthed vapid witches.  Little Liberal Whoopie, normally so pro-woman, is just tsk-tsking away about how all these “little” kids are going to manage without their mommy.  You freaking liberal hypocrite!  First of all, one of the “little” kids is old enough to be in the military.  The second “little” kid is soon going to have her own little kid, and she and her boyfriend are actually taking responsibility for the little “mistake” they made.  Hmmm. responsibility.  It’s a word not often found in the vocabulary of these liberals, the party of missing daddies, aborted mistakes, and politicians who won’t sign their poor rejected child’s birth certificate.

There.  I said it.  Well, at least some of it.  Enough to feel better for now.  Unfortunately, I’m sure the hypocrites of the world will get me fired up again.

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