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The Girls Were Back In Town

It only took us about thirty some years, but with the help of some modern technology (namely, Facebook), we got together again.  And we’re even better than we were before!

Cindy #1 was my best friend through middle school.  I almost lived at her house, and her mom was like a second mom.  Even our moms were friends; they had gone to high school together and were on the same bowling league for years.  We were still friends through high school, but as our group of girl friends expanded, we each got closer to some of the other girls in the group.  Cindy #2 and Cindy #1 became close, and they managed to keep in touch over all these years.

I reconnected with Cindy #2 on Facebook, and being the little social butterfly that she is, she arranged for us to all get together for brunch.  She lives out of state but was planning to be back home this weekend for a fund raiser.  Another one of our old school chums (who we also found on Facebook) was invited, but unfortunately had other plans today.  We even brought our moms along.the moms

We had so much fun giggling like schoolgirls, and catching up on old news, that three hours sped by in the blink of an eye.  I heard a few interesting stories from high school that I’d missed the first time around.  Since none of us have been to any of our high school reunions (we went to a small Catholic high school and not too many people seem to go to the reunions), we are planning our own reunion next spring and hopefully getting a few more of us together.  Should be fun!

Three cool chicks

Three cool chicks

Cindy and Her Mom x 2

Cindy and Her Mom x 2

My Loyal Clone

I brought up the issue of family loyalty yesterday not because of any problems we are currently having with Big Daddy’s side of the family.  Most of those issues are way in the past.  They would have been but a blip on the radar screen if hubby would have understood that I needed him to stand by me.  The reason I brought the subject up was because of something that happened last week.

I mentioned that Oldest Son totaled his car last week.  Luckily, he had his seat belt on and was not injured at all.  But his car and the guard rail he hit were not so lucky.  He posted a picture of his twisted-up Toyota on his Facebook.  Naturally, he got a string of comments from concerned friends expressing sympathy and good wishes.  But he got one snarky unnecessary comment from the nasty little psychopath he was most recently dating.  Next to her evil ungrateful face were the words:   *covers mouth to hide laughter*

Upon seeing this, of course, my blood began to boil.  Oldest Son is the sweetest person in the world.  He, and we, did so much for this nasty bitch I don’t even know where to begin.  Despite red flags popping up EVERYWHERE, Big Daddy and I tried so hard to like her and give her the benefit of the doubt.  She used him shamelessly.  She lied to all of us.  Despite the fact that she was dating someone from a Catholic family, and was happily accepting scholarship money from the Catholic university she attends, she was one of those “devout Christians” who came from a “Christian” family that did not like Catholics.  She looked us all in the face and told us numerous times that 1.) She had been married but her husband had died.  She even made up what caused his death.  and 2.)  She had filed for divorce from the abusive husband but it had not quite gone through yet.  All of these things were untrue.  She was still married, had not filed for divorce, and started screwing around on her husband a few months after the marriage because he wasn’t servicing her enough.  Even then, after we found a totally damning piece of writing she had accidentally left at our house confirming all this and Oldest Son had civilly broken off the relationship, she felt the need to be so uncivil.

I controlled the urge to say what was in my head and instead commented sarcastically on what a good Christian she was and such a nice person, too.  After all, a woman my age sometimes needs to at least appear to be mature.  But my dear Middle Son J, all the way from Germany, let his true feelings fly.  He hurled personal insults.  He used the F-bomb.  And then he let Oldest Son know he was sorry about the car, and told him to find a nice replacement.

How wrong is it that I’m so proud of J?

Facebook Pages and Blogging Friends

A few weeks ago, I was checking out my Facebook home page and noticed a couple of my blogging friends were adding new cool stuff to their Facebook accounts.  These are the same two women who persuaded me to sign up for a Facebook account in the first place.  We use the blog application there to make it easier for Facebook addicts to get updates on their favorite blogs and find them all in one place.  One of the things they were doing that night was adding a new Facebook fan page for their blog.  I had no idea how to do this or why I even should, but I wasn’t about to be left out.  If these smart awesome bloggers were doing it, then it must be worth doing!

First I left a message for Paula asking how the heck did she set up her page.  Then I noticed Cyndi was online and I asked her for some assistance.  Although they were both busy setting up their own pages, they took the time to assist this technologically challenged blogger.  I took their advice, played around a little, and came up with a cute little fan page of my own.  I still wasn’t sure what all I could do with it, but it now exists in all its glory.

Middle Son J has sent us some pictures of his months spent in Europe.  I decided to post them on my Facebook fan page.  It’s so much easier to post pictures here than on my blog.  Oldest Son has some awesome pics from his months in Iraq that I would like to post at some point.  The possibilities are endless.  I could even post naked pics.  Good God!  Not of me!  I wouldn’t do that to you.  You’d vomit!  Maybe of my dog–without her collar on.  She’s so cute!

If you want to see J’s pics, visit my MamaNeeds2Rant Facebook page.  While you’re there, do what the cool kids are doing and become a fan.  You’ll get updates on new posts, pictures, and anything else I can think up.  Visit Cyndi’s and Paula’s FB pages too.  They have links to them from their blogs.

OMG — It Must Be a Genetic Mutation

At first I blamed it on stress, or even impending menopause.  But then, I learned that my Tattooed Wonder Boy over in Germany experienced the very same symptoms.  Last week, while aimlessly scanning his Facebook account, he totally flipped out at someone who had pissed him off a while back.  At the time, that person’s face was merely smiling at him from his computer screen. It can’t be mere coincidence.  I think I’ve passed on some scary genetic illness.

The symptoms were the same in both mother and son.  The jaw suddenly tensed.  The eyes narrowed and got moist.  A feverish heat began burning at the core, rising slowly toward the brain.  Rapid-firing neurons in the brain caused nasty evil words to overtake calm rational thinking; uncontrollable finger-twitching resulted in excessive keyboard typing, allowing  nasty evil words to escape and relieve brain pressure.

The disease seems to lie dormant most of the time.  The triggers seem to be invisible rays emanating from Facebook.  A second trigger seems to be stupid vibes coming from drivers in rush hour traffic.  The symptoms are the same in both instances; however, without a keyboard handy, the words escape orally while the finger twitching creates a bizarre series of hand gestures.

I really feel I’m onto something.  I may have stumbled upon a new disease.  With some further research, I may even win the Nobel Prize for medicine.

In the meantime, does anyone know where we can get a family discount on anger management classes?

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