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TV Mind Games—It’s On, Baby

So.  Last night, after watching Biggest Loser and of course whichever Law and Order was on,  Big Daddy and I decided to watch American Idol, which we’re forced to tape on DVR.  We’re forced to use that DVR a lot, because the damn TV executives have decided to cram all the good shows on at the very same times.  Other nights, it’s like the vast wasteland of TV crap.  They know this.

We enjoyed watching the contestants perform even though we knew we would pay the next day at work for staying up so late.  Of course, it helps to be able to fast forward through all the commercials and fill-in junk when you tape a show like Idol, which is about 75% commercials and fill-in fluff.  Of course, the TV executives are aware of this and probably don’t like it, because I’m sure the sponsors who are paying huge sums of money for people to watch their ads are not happy.

So what’s a sneaky TV executive do?  They start running shows at odd times.  They overlap shows so that if you want to change the channel to watch something on another network, you’ll miss the end of the show you’re currently watching.  And…if you happen to set your DVR to tape an hour long show like American Idol, and it runs over that hour, you will miss the grand finale (they usually put one of the better performers at the end).

So.  We watched the show but thought someone was missing. “Was that nine performers?” we asked each other when we saw the tape was coming to an end.  We backtracked.  “Who’s missing?”

Freaking Adam!  They cut off Adam! He’s the one most people tune in to watch.  And they did it on purpose.

I guess a lot of people tape American Idol because when I happened to sneak a peek at my Facebook, people were talking about how they missed Adam’s performance–which by the way, was supposed to have been amazing and Simon even gave him a standing ovation.  WTF?

If it’s war they want, it’s war they’ll get.  This calls for some strategies of my own.  Tonight, we set the DVR to tape three minutes over the hour.  If I have to, I’ll tape the whole next damn show.  And when they change their strategy, I’ll think of something else.  So take that, you blasted TV moguls.

You don’t mess with this mama and her American Idol.  Or her Law and Order.  Just don’t DO it.  Mwahahahahahahahahahah……..

Hockey At Its Bestest Ever!!

When DVR was included as part of our Comcast triple play promotion, I knew my guys would love it.  I even knew that I would appreciate being able to tape my Law and Orders or Desperate Housewives whenever I want with just a mere push of a button.  But tonight, the true and real value of the DVR became apparent as Big Daddy and Youngest Son got to replay, over and over,  the hockey brawl between Goddard and Cote, blow by blow, in fabulous slow motion.

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