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Make A Change Challenge Finale

Yesterday was the final weigh-in for Tammy’s Make A Change Challenge.  I didn’t win the challenge.  I didn’t even end up with a net loss.  But I did learn that I can still eat a decent amount of food and not really gain if I do the higher intensity workout on my treadmill.  So that will be the plan.  At least two good treadmill workouts a week, and I may even be inspired to do another 5K.  The kids have been nagging me about it, and I’ve actually been thinking about it.  The last 5K Youngest Son ran, they had pizza and beer for the runners!  The one before, they had these yummy fat breakfast rolls stuffed with chicken or beef.  The races I ran, all they usually had was water and fruit!

Food!  My major motivator.  I’ll be sure to fill you all in on the details if I do run another race, or if my high-intensity workouts ever do result in an actual weight loss.  Stay tuned! 🙂

Make A Change Challenge–Week 3

It’s hard to even write about this.  All I can say is, just like in Calculus class, I can not figure out the pattern.  This time the pattern that eludes me is my weight gains/losses.  It’s very random.

I think I run a week behind.  Seriously.  Last week I was kind of surprised that I lost 2 pounds because I hadn’t cut back on my eating too much and I exercised less than the first week.  If it does actually take a week for things to kick in, that would explain this week’s gain.  Because I was so good this past week!

I did my three-mile course at least twice this week.  I’ve curbed my eating considerably.  One night when I was craving seconds on dinner, hubby suggested I put the plate down and just wait it out.  I drank my iced tea and water instead of going back out to the kitchen to load up my plate again, and it actually worked!  The hunger craving passed.  I’ve even been eating boring stuff like cottage cheese or yogurt for breakfast.  I’m eating small healthy snacks in between meals like they say to do on “Biggest Loser.”  I bought a jar of peach slices and had some of those a few times.  I also spent extra to buy some whole grain chips which I snacked on, or I grazed on a few almonds.  I didn’t even pig out at the Mother’s Day Buffet we went to yesterday!

Yesterday afternoon, Youngest Son dragged me out to the track with him.  He pushed my weak ass to do sprints (for me).  For him, it’s barely a jog.  But I worked hard.  We even went onto the cold grass to do some exercises that he said would help my pathetically weak core.  You would think I’d have least lost some water weight.

As it stands right now, I’ve gained 1.4881% this past week (from last week).  Since the challenge began, I’m exactly where I started.  I’m sure Youngest Son will continue to torture me with killer workouts this week, now that he’s home from college.  He has a sadistic streak, I think.

Stay tuned next week to see if my theory on weight loss lag is correct.  If not, I may be throwing my scale in the trash.

My Sabotaging Mind

Why is it that as soon as I start to see some small payback for all of my hard work (that is, maybe a pound or two less on the scale after busting my ass running or exercising), my weak food-obsessed brain starts thinking about how good some bad-for-you food would taste?  This happens even if I’m not particularly hungry.  I’ve been watching, eating smaller portions than I used to, because unlike the days of my youth when I actually got TEASED for being so skinny, (yeah, I was ahead of my time), I can’t stuff my face anymore without seeing that food magically transformed into an unsightly bulge somewhere on my midsection.  Even though I had a nice chef salad for lunch, and was pleasantly full, I started thinking about the potato chips Big Daddy had just brought home from the store.  So I had to eat some with some sour cream.  Then the tiny little pretzel sticks that the boys were munching on started calling my name.  I was already ODing on salt but I had to crunch on some of those babies.  And then, even though I don’t have a sweet tooth, I’m sure I’ll have some of that apple brown betty that Big Daddy brought home.  It looks pretty good and the rest of the gang will be chowing down.  I hate myself.  I don’t even know what I’m going to do when the boys will be home all summer and I have to stock the cupboards with tons of goodies.  Because they can eat it without gaining an ounce, just like I could, back in the day.

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