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On Feminism, Ugliness, and Hypocrisy–I’m Heaving It Out Folks

I’ve been stewing about this for days.  I’ve avoided writing too much about this because I didn’t want to get too ugly or offensive.  But now, after hearing Governor Palin’s speech, I don’t feel the need to get so ugly.  This woman can handle the ugliness, the sexism, and the hypocrisy that the left-wing media and good-ole-boys want to dish out.

There are just a few things in this world that really rile me up.  One is irresponsibility.  People that make big mistakes and don’t want to take responsibility for the consequences is one of the main problems in our country right now.  People make bad decisions all the time; that is human nature.  But when they will not take responsibility for their actions, when they want innocent people to bail them out of the results of their bad decisions, this really pisses me off.  Banks get greedy and make bad loans.  They should know better.  But when the little scheme backfires and people can’t pay back the loans, well, let’s get Joe Taxpayer to bail them out of their little gamble.  When people take out loans they should know they can’t afford, or build on flood plains without springing for any flood insurance, why should the rest of us who make better decisions and use common sense be forced to pay for it?  We’ve already paid for our own insurance, and our own higher interest rates on OUR mortgages.  None of these people were going to share with us if the little gamble worked out for them.

Another thing that scalds me is sexism.  The Democrats have used this issue for years, claiming themselves to be the champion of womens rights.  Women should be allowed to work outside the home.  Their kids will be fine in daycare.  Mommy doesn’t have to be chained to the house and kids.  I guess it’s fine so long as that woman is plugging along at minimum wage waiting on tables, or teaching at preschool.  It’s ok if she wants to be a clerical gal.  But the minute a woman wants to step into a position of power, a position those big-shot men want for themselves, well, suddenly they start worrying about the poor babies at home without their mommy.  Nobody ever freaking worried about Al Gore’s 4 kids under Tipper’s care while he was Vice President.  Why the sudden concern for Governor Palin’s family?  What about Barack Obama’s two adorable little girls?  How will they survive while Daddy does all his Presidential duties?

I happened to walk past the TV today when that horrible show, “The View,” was on.  I never intentionally watch that show since it makes me retch.  They can’t possibly pay poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck nearly enough to sit there every day and put up with the bile spewing from those big-mouthed vapid witches.  Little Liberal Whoopie, normally so pro-woman, is just tsk-tsking away about how all these “little” kids are going to manage without their mommy.  You freaking liberal hypocrite!  First of all, one of the “little” kids is old enough to be in the military.  The second “little” kid is soon going to have her own little kid, and she and her boyfriend are actually taking responsibility for the little “mistake” they made.  Hmmm. responsibility.  It’s a word not often found in the vocabulary of these liberals, the party of missing daddies, aborted mistakes, and politicians who won’t sign their poor rejected child’s birth certificate.

There.  I said it.  Well, at least some of it.  Enough to feel better for now.  Unfortunately, I’m sure the hypocrites of the world will get me fired up again.

It Takes A Village To Bash A Kid

I guess you’d have to be living on Mars not to hear the garbage being tossed about by the political spin doctors.  In a sick attempt to try to discredit McCain’s choice for VP, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the Democrats have sunk to an all-time low.  They’re accusing her 16-year old daughter of being the “real” mother of Palin’s infant child, who was born with Down syndrome.

Are there no morals in politics at all?  Since when is it OK to attack an innocent child to accomplish one’s nefarious goals?  Kids should be off-limits to any attack; I don’t care who their parents are.  I wouldn’t bad mouth my worst enemy’s children.  Kids can’t help who their parents are, and their young fragile egos are still developing.  They are still trying to learn about the world and find their place in it.  Imagine how you would feel if your child’s name was dragged through the mud for any reason.  Imagine that what they were saying wasn’t even true.  This is the ultimate despicable act of desperation and I can’t believe anyone would stoop so low.

First of all, what if the outlandish story turned out to be true?  The worst transgression here is that a mother was protecting her daughter from nasty public scrutiny.  IF there was any truth to this at all, it really would have nothing to do with Governor Palin’s ability to do her job, just as the Democrats claim that John Edward’s cheating on his gravely ill wife (and denying his love child) does not make him less effective on the job.  It would merely be a mother protecting her child, which is something a lot of us mothers have a tendency to do.

Secondly, not one of these accusers has produced an iota of evidence that this ludicrous story is TRUE!!  If they had evidence, they would have shared it.  Instead, they dig up some meager circumstantial “evidence”, saying that Governor Palin didn’t look pregnant.  Well, I’m betting they wear heavier clothing in Alaska so maybe it wasn’t as obvious as if she was wearing a tank top or something.  And it’s not so uncommon to hear about a woman who doesn’t even realize she’s pregnant herself until she delivers the baby.

And how stupid are these people?  Don’t they know how hard it would be for anyone in politics to pull off a scam like this?  It would have been “discovered” long before now.  And the fact that the baby has Down Syndrome makes it so much more unlikely that he was born to a young girl, since the cause of Down Syndrome is a genetic mutation most often found in the eggs of women past the age of 35.  But nobody ever said these people were smart.

On Democrats: Are They Really Female Friendly?

Watching Senator Hillary Clinton’s speech at the DNC really made me wonder.  Why isn’t she their presidential candidate?  She is very intelligent, articulate, and experienced enough to become an effective leader.  I know I’m eating some of my very own words.  She and her group-think policies scared me at first; however, after hearing some of the very scary leftist policies of Senator Obama, the United States bashing done by some of his closest allies, and his lack of any real solutions other than pretty rhetoric about how we need change (any idea how all this change will be funded–besides more stealing from the middle-class and the job creators?) and Senator Clinton looked better and better.  In fact, she’s not that far left of Senator McCain.  They both are pretty much near the center of the political spectrum, closer in ideology to the majority of hard-working everyday Americans who love this country and want to make it better.  The Democrats seem pretty excited about Michelle Obama playing the traditional role of devoted mommy and supportive first lady, but for all their feminist talk, do they really want to see a female president?

As a lifelong feminist myself, I could never understand the Democrats single-minded support of policies that are so damaging to women.  On the surface, abortion seems to be all about female rights.  It’s “freedom of choice” for the woman, or so it’s touted by the Dems.  It actually is a desperate reaction by a scared woman who is blinded to better options.  It’s a painful choice made by a girl that lacks support from others in her life.  Who it actually helps is the guy that made her pregnant who no way wants to be saddled with 18 years of child-support payments, or maybe the big-shot married bum that doesn’t want his wife to find out he was playing around.  At some point in her life, I would bet that any feeling compassionate woman would feel some pain and remorse for her child that might have been.  In fact, I worked with a girl that had an abortion when she was a teen.  I could sometimes see the pain in her eyes when she talked about it (which wasn’t often).  I’m sure the pain was much keener when she went on to have her other two children and saw how special they were.  Making women over-reliant on government aid is another thing that keeps females poor and dependent.  These are not things that are helpful in the long run to our sisters and our daughters.  But it might earn the Democrats a few votes.

On Stupid Moves: Raising The Minimum Wage

Youngest Son was a little worried about finding a job this summer.  His school let out a little later than some of the other colleges.  Other than a paper route years ago and doing odd jobs for various neighbors, he didn’t have a lot of job experience.  And, according to several newspaper articles and also the experience of some of his friends, there didn’t seem to be a lot of jobs out there.  Somehow, Youngest Son ended up with three part-time jobs.  They just kind of fell into his lap.  But a lot of teens haven’t been quite so lucky.  Yes, we may be on the verge of a recession.  However, idiot politicians, who have no idea about the concept of supply and demand, decided to do us a “favor” and raise the minimum wage.

Because most politicians start out as lawyers, they have no real idea about how business really works.  They most likely majored in English rhetoric (learning to parse words) or political theory.  If they had to take any business or economics classes at all, they were probably the basics.  And now, we the taxpayers, are paying for their stupidity.  They don’t understand how supply and demand work, so they probably don’t realize that  if wages are too low, the supply of workers willing to work at a particular place will also be low.  It’s a self-adjusting kind of thing.  Raise the wage, and the supply of willing workers will increase, even for a somewhat distasteful job.  Money talks.

But the idiot lawmakers seem to think they need to set an artificially high “minimum” wage.  They want to act like they care about the poor down-trodden worker.  But what they’re doing is knocking the whole economy off balance.  Small businesses, who may be able to lure in willing teen and entry-level workers with lower wages (but also decent working conditions and maybe opportunities to learn a skill or advance), now will have to pay the same skill-level workers more than their market worth, and maybe more than the business can afford.  What does the small business do?  It must either cut back on new hires, or raise prices for its goods and services.  How does that help any of us poor schmucks?

Relative value of the more experienced workers also shrinks, along with the number of entry level jobs.  After paying your dues and learning a skill, suddenly the newbie you’re training is making almost as much as you, even though you’ve worked your way up the ladder.  Do you think the boss is going to increase everyone’s wages, just because they’re mandated to increase the minimum wage?  They can barely pay the new rate (and of course the higher employer taxes that go along with the increased wages).  Or maybe the boss hires fewer workers, or lays off the new guys.  You will still make the same amount, but have to work your ass off a little more to make up for the guys he can no longer afford to keep around.

Of course, politicians spin this as a good thing to do.  We’re giving workers a “living” wage.  Not that they, or their kids, will ever have to “live” on these wages.  And not like they’ll be affected by the resulting unemployment and collapsed family businesses.  But they make it sound like it’s such a nice thing to do.

Politicians do things for one reason, and one reason only–to garner votes.  Some people actually think these careerists care about the plights and problems of their constituents.   This is not only sad, but scary.  Because these silver-tongued hoarders, by sounding sincere in their lies and promises, are influencing the policies of our great country.  If people think they care and will help them, then these people will vote for them.  Then they can vote themselves raises, get fat paychecks while taking the entire summer off, get their friends and relatives cushy made-up jobs, have top-notch health-care (while pretending to care about your crappy health care), and live out their golden years with a big fat taxpayer-funded pension.  And all they have to do is pretend they care!

Smart people, or ones that have actually taken economics classes, know that There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TINSTAAFL).  See, I was actually listening back there in Econ class, even if my eyes were sometimes closed.  (It was right after lunch).  If you want higher wages, go to school, learn a trade, and work your way up the ladder.  Don’t wait for some idiot to artificially inflate your worth and screw up the whole economy!

I’m One of Obama’s “Bitter” Pennsylvanians

“…And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

This is the stereotype Senator Barack Obama has of small-town Midwestern Americans (including Pennsylvanians).  It’s funny how he can so freely stereotype some Americans (typical white-person when referring to his white grandmother’s prejudice) and the above comments, while other people get fired from their jobs for far less.

Obviously, Senator Obama is sorely out of touch with working-class America.  In Western Pennsylvania, so many of the working people here are children and grandchildren of immigrants.  My grandparents got off the boat from Italy at Ellis Island and worked hard to make a life here.  We are not anti-immigrant.  What we are, is, anti-freeload.  Our ancestors struggled to make ends meet, followed the rules to become citizens, and learned the customs and language and assimilated into the American dream.  We expect the same of immigrants today.  We don’t want to support a bunch of people that come into the country illegally, expect free medical care and education in return for nothing, and show disdain for their adopted country by not even learning the language.  Every American should be insulted by that.

Religion?  Since when is it bad to cling to religion during hard times?  Most religions bring comfort to people, keep society civil, and urge cohesiveness.  That is unless you subscribe to the divisive theology of Obama’s pastor, Reverend Wright, who seems to believe that America is divided into victimized black America and evil exploiting white America.  Never mind that Wright and Obama both grew up with many advantages that a lot of white working-class “evil-doers” only dream about.

And guns.  My guys don’t hunt, but they have their guns.  They like to target shoot, recreationally.  And, yes, we do want to be able to protect ourselves from any criminal out there that, even if guns somehow should be banned by the Democrats, would still illegally be able to obtain them.  We like to keep a more level playing field.  If it’s “bitter” to want to protect one’s family, I’ll choose to be bitter.

“Punished With A Baby?”

I used to be a Democrat.  That’s when I was young and idealistic, and I didn’t see how people work the system.  That was also before the Democratic party became the party of “victimization,” always trying to stir up discontent and envy instead of trying to reward responsibility and empowering people to better their own lives.  You see, it’s easier to win votes from people if you encourage them to be lazy and then promise to take care of them.  Senator Obama’s recent speech on how he wouldn’t want his daughters punished for a “mistake” with a baby is a prime example of how the Democrats think.  My guess is that they might just “sweep” that mistake out of existence, instead of taking responsibility for their actions.  It’s the Democrat way.

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