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Big Daddy and I were winding down the evening watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that he recorded on DVR.  Actually, he was watching while I was flipping through the last section of the newspaper, so I thought he was joking when after fast-forwarding through the commercials, he said he saw a Barack Obama Chia head. We went back to look for it.  I thought it had to be some kind of joke, maybe some kind of SNL-type skit.  But no, it’s for real, folks.  And just in time for the holiday shopping season!

chiaprez And there is Fearless Leader!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! 😀

Let’s Hope For The Best

It was a historic moment.  The speeches were eloquent–both the concession and acceptance speeches.  I have to admit, even though I’m still skeptical and worried about the future of our country, it made me proud that at least we may be becoming more colorblind as a nation.  Let’s hope we can overcome gender bias, and any other prejudice that prevents people from reaching their goals.  I only hope I was wrong about Obama’s intentions.  I know I’m not used to being wrong (right Big Daddy?–haha), but in this instance, I hope to God I’m wrong.  I’ll get over it.

Barack Obama has a lot to prove.  He made a lot of promises.  He’s got a lot of problems to clean up.  The world is watching.  Please make this work.

And Now We Wait…

OMG.  I had a brain fart bigger than the Grand Canyon today.  I walked the mile or so to our Middle School to vote because my tire is still flat and it was a beautiful day.  The wait in line was only like 45 minutes, which I thought wasn’t too bad for a big election like this.  Since I’ve lived in this area my entire married life, there were plenty of familiar faces in line, and of course, everyone pretty much chats with the other people in line around them, even if you don’t know them.  There were two young guys right in front of me, around 18 or so, obviously voting in their first big presidential election.  A lot of the older folks around us were telling them how great it was that they were taking the time to vote.  They were taking the handouts and looking them over.  It was so cute.

Oh, but back to the brain fart.  First of all, it’s no secret that I’m scared to death of Barack Obama winning the election.  But there’s nothing I can do about it.  I truly think this could be the beginning of the end.  As all great empires decline and fall, I believe we’re seeing the first stage of the decline of our nation, democracy, and all the ideals of our Founding Fathers.  Obama has pretty much said that the Constitution can be changed.  He breaks bread with terrorists.  Rogue leaders throughout the world are salivating at the idea of an Obama presidency.  So yeah, I wasn’t about to cast my vote for this emperor so I can watch him fiddle while we burn.

I got to the touch screen.  I selected all my candidates for the various positions.  I was real happy that I had read up on all the candidates and made the best choices.  I got to the review screen so I could double check my choices.  HOLY CRAP!  Obama/Biden was listed as my choice for pres/vice pres!  All the other choices were right.  Thank God I looked before I hit the Enter Your Vote button.  If I had sent that ballot in the way it was and realized it too late, I seriously would have checked myself into the nearest old age home.

In His Own Words: Obama for Reparations and Redistribution of Wealth

Believe it or not, there are some people that still think Barack Obama’s “changes” are going to be good changes for the American people.  Here is the 2001 radio interview (before he was campaigning for Prez) that should give you a better look into his true intentions (just in case his racist, terrorist, and Anti-American associates haven’t given you a clue yet).  Of course, you will never hear this on CBS, ABC, or NBC news.  They’d rather dis Sarah Palin’s hair or criticize her for not having enough money to buy her own suits.

Of course, there are some people that would embrace Socialism–at least for a while.  These are the people that don’t mind being taken care of all their lives, people that have no hopes and dreams for the future and are happy to just subsist and have their most basic needs provided without having to actually work much.  Also, the ones in charge of doling out the goodies (and of course, able to take all they want from the top of the pile) are seeing a big opportunity here, too.  But I don’t think the majority of us Americans want to live like that.  It didn’t work for the Soviets.  The Cubans are still trying to get the hell out of Cuba.  And we certainly don’t need it here!

Maybe We DID Lose The Cold War

I attempted to comment to this post from An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings about the decline of education, but since I tend to ramble on myself about things I feel strongly about, it rejected my comment and told me I was sounding a bit too spammy.  But come to think of it, this thought deserves a post of its own.

First of all, I’m very happy that our society has evolved enough to seriously consider both a female (Sen. Clinton) and an African American (Sen. Obama) for President.  Of course, there are individuals that wouldn’t consider either.  And some that would discriminate on the basis of age, looks, or a host of other reasons.  But on the whole, we’re slowly realizing that people are people and should be judged by their character.

As a baby boomer, I remember the Cold War.  I remember people having bomb shelters and worrying that the Soviets would nuke us into annihilation.  We learned facts in school, from teachers who demanded our respect.  They taught us Math and Science and the History of our nation.  We also were taught manners, responsibility, and pride in our country and the freedoms we had here.  And we were a strong nation.  The leftists knew they couldn’t destroy us from afar; they spread their agenda from within.

They got their teachers into our schools and kept them there with their unions.  They weakened our education system by teaching touchy-feeley subjects and self-esteem exercises instead of the basics that would keep us technologically superior.  They tried to abolish competition and grading systems that would encourage true self-esteem through accomplishment and pride in one’s efforts.  Our kids were taught to be ashamed of our own heritage, while indoctrinated with global group-think garbage.  The gulags and human rights abuses were glossed over when discussing the “fairness” of wealth distribution.  Religious tolerance was only allowed toward religions that were a minority in this country so that Muslim awareness classes were fine while the overwhelmingly Christian majority were not even allowed to sing a Christmas carol.

This I guess is why so many of our young people are fawning over the Socialist agenda of Barack Obama.  They’ve been taught that Capitalism is a bad thing, synonymous with greed.  They were not allowed to see that competition spurs us on to greater achievements, creating things that will help solve global warming and cure diseases.  Creating wealth for our families creates jobs for others.  But a lot of these kids weren’t taught that.

We thought we won the Cold War when the Berlin Wall came down, and the Soviet Union dissolved.  We never could have pictured the day that the fruits of our labor would be distributed as our illustrious leaders see fit.  We underestimated our enemies.  And soon, we may have our own version of Chairman Mao grinning at us from the billboards of America.

On Democrats: Are They Really Female Friendly?

Watching Senator Hillary Clinton’s speech at the DNC really made me wonder.  Why isn’t she their presidential candidate?  She is very intelligent, articulate, and experienced enough to become an effective leader.  I know I’m eating some of my very own words.  She and her group-think policies scared me at first; however, after hearing some of the very scary leftist policies of Senator Obama, the United States bashing done by some of his closest allies, and his lack of any real solutions other than pretty rhetoric about how we need change (any idea how all this change will be funded–besides more stealing from the middle-class and the job creators?) and Senator Clinton looked better and better.  In fact, she’s not that far left of Senator McCain.  They both are pretty much near the center of the political spectrum, closer in ideology to the majority of hard-working everyday Americans who love this country and want to make it better.  The Democrats seem pretty excited about Michelle Obama playing the traditional role of devoted mommy and supportive first lady, but for all their feminist talk, do they really want to see a female president?

As a lifelong feminist myself, I could never understand the Democrats single-minded support of policies that are so damaging to women.  On the surface, abortion seems to be all about female rights.  It’s “freedom of choice” for the woman, or so it’s touted by the Dems.  It actually is a desperate reaction by a scared woman who is blinded to better options.  It’s a painful choice made by a girl that lacks support from others in her life.  Who it actually helps is the guy that made her pregnant who no way wants to be saddled with 18 years of child-support payments, or maybe the big-shot married bum that doesn’t want his wife to find out he was playing around.  At some point in her life, I would bet that any feeling compassionate woman would feel some pain and remorse for her child that might have been.  In fact, I worked with a girl that had an abortion when she was a teen.  I could sometimes see the pain in her eyes when she talked about it (which wasn’t often).  I’m sure the pain was much keener when she went on to have her other two children and saw how special they were.  Making women over-reliant on government aid is another thing that keeps females poor and dependent.  These are not things that are helpful in the long run to our sisters and our daughters.  But it might earn the Democrats a few votes.

Jesse Jackson’s Celebration of Victimhood

I am no big fan of Senator Barack Obama’s political ideology, being that of entitlement and socialism.  I think most Americans realize how the stifling of ideas and ambition leads to failing economies and substandard living conditions.  Look at the former Soviet Union and Cuba.

Perhaps someone whispered in the ear of Senator Obama and informed him that most middle-class working Americans still believe that personal responsibility and  hard work will be what keeps our country great, not inefficient expensive social programs, because he surprised the heck out of me when he gave a recent speech extolling the virtues of staying in school and of fathers being involved in their children’s lives.  This is good advice to all Americans, not just African Americans, although with estimates at around 70% of black children in single family homes, he may have been trying to send a message to them.  I firmly believe my sons stayed out of trouble and became the accomplished caring people they are because of the time and influence of two parents.  Well, they probably would still have been pretty awesome, but the fear of Big Daddy’s wrath and the ability of one of their parents to work part-time and therefore be very involved in their wonderful little lives certainly played a huge role in their development.  I think this is the point Obama was trying to get across.  Taking responsibility and leading your children out of poverty, toward college and away from gangs, will keep them out of jail and off welfare.  Successful African Americans like Bill Cosby, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell have been promoting these values for years.  The Reverend Jesse Jackson would rather perhaps put all the blame on everybody else, since he thought Obama should be railing about the problems black America has rather than what can be done to improve the situations.

Activists like Jackson and Al Sharpton are part of the problem.  They are not helping their fellow African Americans when they tell them all their problems are due to “white America.”  They are merely spewing hate and keeping themselves in the limelight.  Everyone, black and white, needs to enable themselves to earn their share of the American dream, not wait for someone else to throw them a handout.

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