Summer? What Summer?

Well, all my chickadees are back in the nest.  At least temporarily.  Middle Son J got in from Fort Benning last night, after arriving there from Germany last week.  It’s so nice to have him home.  But it reminds me once again that summer is disappearing fast.

I think we’ve managed to convince J to go back to school this semester.  I don’t think he knows where he’s going to live yet up there, but it’s a start.  Youngest Son’s work in the lab is over, and he’s decided to just chill for the couple weeks he has left before he has to return to college.  Since he got the prefect job and will be in charge of a wing of young freshmen dorm residents, he has to be up there a little earlier than most of the students.  We actually went school shopping last week for anything he might need for school this year.  I actually encouraged him to buy stuff–and I was paying!  I even bought his books, which is usually the kids’ responsibility.  I figure it’s the least I can do since he’s saving me thousands on room and board, due to the prefect job.

I can’t shake this tinge of sadness I feel.  The end of summer doesn’t have that sense of urgency it used to have when the kids were younger, but it still feels like the end of something.  In the spring, it seems like summer is an endless opportunity to accomplish things and get in shape.  And we did get a few things done.  The garage sale cleaned out tons of clutter from the basement.  We now have a new patio around our backyard fire pit, and a new basement door.  I even started to lose some weight, due to the high intensity treadmill workouts I was doing.  But I’ve gotten lethargic again, and I’m back to square one.

It was cooler and rainier this summer than almost any summer that I can remember.  That may be why it feels like the summer that wasn’t.  I think I’m just going to indulge this lazy feeling, and enjoy the rest of the summer with my boys while they’re home.  I’ll get a lot more done when they’re back at school, anyways.  And September is usually a warm dry month.  I’m starting to see some endless possibilities coming up this fall.

8 Responses to “Summer? What Summer?”

  1. 1 Cyndi August 7, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    I’m so happy he’s home, that they’re all home. I agree that I feel like summer never got off the ground and now it’s coming to an end. Enjoy yourselves!

  2. 2 Tammy August 7, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    It’s so darn hot here in AZ, I count down the seconds until summer is over!!!!

  3. 4 Consuella Banana Hammock August 8, 2009 at 10:09 am

    ok so am i a horrible mom if i am ready for my kids to go back to school?

  4. 6 Dawn August 8, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    We’ve had two hot days of summer … the kind that beckon you to jump in the pool. I’m not complaining, none of my electric bills jumped above $100.

    I love having my kids around all day long, and, at the same time I feel happy that school is soon to begin. Life seems more predictable during the school year, summer life feels more spontaneous too me.

    Something to love about all the seasons.

  5. 7 robinaltman August 9, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    I really feel sad that the summer is coming to an end. The boys aren’t too happy, either. If I fall down and have a temper tantrum, would summer last longer? What if I held my breath?

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