Stupid, Stupid Things

Stupid, stupid me.  I know politicians are overpaid arrogant windbags.  And I know they make little deals amongst themselves to get their own agendas pushed through.  But I didn’t know it was common practice to not even read the bills they’re trying to push through.  I wonder how many other U. S. citizens were surprised when Michigan Congressman John Conyers expressed shock that the American people actually expected them to read the health care bill that Obama wants to push through in record time.  Gee, it’s over a thousand pages.  It’s in lawyer-speak.   How can we expect them to actually read the thing?  Well, hell.  Most of us don’t make over $174,000/year with life-time top-of-the-line health care, huge government pensions, and outrageous expense reimbursements, and we do our jobs.  They even have taxpayer provided staff to do a lot of the work for them.  What exactly is their job???

On the state level, our Pennsylvania windbags can’t even push the budget through.  And we’re not alone.  A month behind, and our crooked governor’s solution is to withhold paychecks to the state police and other state workers who are actually doing their jobs and accomplishing something.  This is his way to pressure the budget makers to raise taxes yet again in our tax-happy commonwealth.  Meanwhile, the idiots who can’t get anything done are still able to collect their car allowances and other expenses.  If we could eliminate some of their wasteful spending, we could pay our public servants and not raise taxes.

President Obama did a stupid, stupid thing when he decided to open his mouth without the teleprompter to guide him.  He alienated law enforcement across the country when he decided to publicly comment on something he didn’t even have all the facts on.  He showed his true colors (which apparently is anything but white) when he accused the Cambridge police officers of “racial profiling” when they went to investigate a call that was made to them.  The officers were responding to a 911 call that someone was breaking into a neighbor’s home.  That man was breaking into the home; however, it was his own.  He had forgotten his keys.  Instead of thanking the officers for responding promptly to the call to potentially protect his property, the arrogant black buddy of Obama put up a fuss and insisted they were picking on him because of his color.  A less arrogant person would have explained the situation and showed some ID.  A less arrogant president would not have even commented on such a non-presidential matter.

Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington has completed his mission of decimating our once-loved baseball team.  He has been systematically trading all of our world-class professional ball players for “prospects.”  Our popular and incredibly talented infielders, Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez, are the latest to go.  Only catcher Ryan Doumit remains from the Pirates’ starting lineup of July 2008.  It’s a good bet he’ll be gone by Friday, the trade deadline.  The last several trades have been shocking to everyone in the area.  Star players are being let go for nobodies.  People are selling their season tickets.  Die-hard fans have quit watching.  I’ve even read letters from sports fans in other cities wondering what’s going on.  It makes me wonder if old Neal is getting some kind of financial kickback.  Hubby expects that maybe we’ll soon see him managing one of the teams that has so cheaply acquired some of our best players.  He claims he is “building” a team for the future.  In the meantime, he’s losing the loyal fans we had.  Why pay Major League prices and deal with city traffic to watch a minor league team?  We can watch more exciting baseball for free at the local Little League field.  Who cares about a “future” team when there will be no fans left to watch?

9 Responses to “Stupid, Stupid Things”

  1. 1 Chris July 30, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    Is it bad that none of the things you mentioned surprised me at all when I heard about them?

  2. 2 Tammy July 30, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    We had the same problem with our budget being passed in Arizona.

    Our government is no longer listening to the “people”. They are making decisions based on political needs of air bag front people. Votes are being bought and “we the people” are paying the price.

    **stepping down off the soap box**

  3. 4 robinaltman July 30, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    That really pissed me off about congressmen not reading the full bill. Give me a break. It’s your frickin’ job, Buddy. Just do it. And ixnay on the whining while you’re at it. Ridiculous.

  4. 5 JennyMac July 31, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    I wish I could react with shock or at least some surprise but no…politicians cease to surprise me. I am an Obama supporter and when that situation happened and he made his remarks I thought OH, NOT WISE. My father and brother are both law enforcement. Not a good situation at all.

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  6. 8 Emily August 5, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Don’t even get me started. Our taxes were much lower when we lived in PA. They are SKY HIGH here in CA, and you know just how well this state is doing. PA is an economic paradise by comparison. What the F are they doing with my tax dollars?!

    • 9 les@mamaneeds2rant August 5, 2009 at 11:21 pm

      I don’t even know how anyone can afford to LIVE in California–except for maybe the celebrities. And of course the politicians. Because, unfortunately, they all have better health care and retirement plans than most of us which they don’t have to pay for. They just keep raising OUR taxes.

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