Leave Them Kids Alone

At one time, I used to watch David Letterman.  Back then,his humor was something new and different, and he was actually funny.  Maybe because there are so many other choices on TV now, I don’t watch any late night talk shows.  They’re not all that funny to me anymore.  Dave just rehashes the same junk over and over.  He’s old and boring now.  Even worse, his desperation to win the ratings race has just shown his lack of substance.

Trying to show how hip and liberal he is with the Hollywood crowd, he jumped on the “attack Sarah Palin” bandwagon.  Before most of America even knew who the hell she was, the airwaves and the blogosphere were just filled with the most vitriolic hate for this woman and her entire family.  I never really understood the personal attacks on Governor Palin.  There are plenty of conservative politicians; with the exception of GW Bush and Cheyney, I have never heard of any other attacked and picked apart like she was.  And I thought liberals liked strong assertive women?!  Oh, that’s right.  Only when they’re defending their philandering husbands or being good little first ladies aiding their man’s career.

Anyhoo,  old Dave thought he’d make a tasteless joke about one of Palin’s  daughters.  I’m sure he thought it was OK, since the media was so nasty toward the Palins.  The governor and her daughter were attending a baseball game in New York and Letterman actually thought it would be funny to say that one of the baseball players “knocked up” the young 14-year old daughter who accompanied Palin.  He also made some reference to Eliot Spitzer, implying that this poor innocent young girl was like one of Spitzer’s call girls.  Like that’s funny, Dave?  How is that funny?  He later made a lame apology saying he thought the daughter that attended the game was 18-year-old Bristol.  Like, does that make it funnier?  Bristol has gotten a raw deal from the liberals also since she decided to take responsibility for the child she conceived rather than abort it.

No matter what your political persuasion, I think it’s perverse and disgusting to denigrate a child.  You just don’t need to go there.  Kids should be off-limits when it comes to political attacks or lame attempts at late-night humor.   Even President Obama agrees with that.

Shame on you, Dave.  You’re a dad now yourself.  How would you like it if your little Harry was insulted by some mean-spirited comedian looking for ratings?  It was sickening when Chelsea Clinton was insulted.  It’s appalling that the Palin children are joked about.  Can you even imagine the uproar if those two innocent little girls in the White House were the brunt of such ignorance?

While Letterman has the right to spew his tasteless jokes, child advocates have the right to call for a boycott of his sponsors.  Here is a listing for anyone inclined to do so.

11 Responses to “Leave Them Kids Alone”

  1. 1 baby nursery decoration June 16, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    I agree that the comment was in poor taste and Sarah Palin and her husband have the right to respond, but it seems that she always goes on and on about every little slight against her (or her family). She seems to thrive on the attention IMO.

    • 2 mamaneeds2rant June 17, 2009 at 12:01 am

      I don’t think going to a ball game with her daughter is exactly an invitation for such negative attention. For some of the tasteless and constant comments directed toward her and her family, I think she’s shown amazing restraint.

  2. 3 Cyndi June 17, 2009 at 12:55 am

    If I had to guess I would say that Dave was spoon fed that joke by a writer and Dave really did think it was the 18 year old he was referring to…being 18 makes her an adult and therefore not as offensive. Just a guess.

  3. 4 Paula June 17, 2009 at 3:48 am

    I think it was a horrible misstep by Dave. The writers should have been more thorough in fact checking which daughter was at the game. He has apologized numerous times and she still goes on and on. I think I’d have to be in that situation to be more one sided. I agree with both of you actually. She doesn’t deserve the bad rap she’s been given but she does tend to not move past any slight. She is in the public eye. She volunteered for it. It’s unfortunate but this will keep happening. It’s how comedians made their money. As long as people tune in, they will keep writing the same kind of jokes. She needs to find a better way to deal with these issues when they do come along. Instead of what…3 million people hearing it. Her tirade has brought it to the attention of 30 million. Bush had it much worse than her…The man had a bulls eye on his forehead for christsake. He just ignored it.

    • 5 mamaneeds2rant June 17, 2009 at 9:29 am

      I don’t know, ladies. If someone slights any of my kids, I rise up like a mama bear and take HUGE offense. I don’t care how old they are. I haven’t heard Palin as much as her supporters showing disgust over this. The kids didn’t sign up for this, so leave them out of it.

  4. 6 Cyndi June 17, 2009 at 9:47 am

    As a mom, I’m with you about defending my kids. Having said that, David Letterman is certainly not the first to pick on Palin’s 18 year old daughter. In fact, he’s late to the game, it’s not even topical anymore.

    The reason the 18 year old is the butt of jokes is that Palin comes across as this holier than thou Supermom but then her teenage daughter is out having pre-marital sex and not using protection. Then they tried to pull off that ridiculous farce of a shotgun engagement to save face. We all knew the kid wasn’t going to marry her. It was insulting that they thought the American public would buy that nonsense (and who really cares anyway, except maybe the far right and I’m pretty sure she had them at hello anyway). All the jokes are really stabs at Palin and her desired public persona vs. her reality more than her daughter.

    • 7 mamaneeds2rant June 17, 2009 at 9:56 am

      Well, if nothing else, maybe Dave can go back to actually being funny again. And maybe it would be a good idea to make sure his writers get their facts straight?

  5. 8 Cyndi June 17, 2009 at 10:00 am

    LOL – I haven’t watched him in years but based on the outdated material he’s apparently been using it sounds like the whole writing staff needs to go!

  6. 9 Dawn June 17, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Sarah Palin is not responsible for anything her daughter did in the sex department. Birth control fails. A human life begins.

    We have a right to our choices, we can behave like an ignoramous on tv (like Dave) or be responsible for what we do. His writers are not so much to blame, the words came out of his mouth.

    The real crime is irresponsible talk that harms humanity.

    Thanks for sharing the link, great post!

    • 10 mamaneeds2rant June 17, 2009 at 10:47 pm

      Thanks, Dawn. I agree. All parents have their beliefs and hope that their children will follow the rules they set for them to live by. Unfortunately, even with the best guidance, kids will sometimes go down a different path. I don’t think the Palins thought they were “holier than thou” just because they were hopeful that their kids wouldn’t engage in premarital sex.

  7. 11 Consuella Banana Hammock June 21, 2009 at 3:51 am

    i’m with you on this one. i am not very conservative in my politics but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to admit that most of hollywood and the media have a very left bent. david went from being funny to being mean. i haven’t really liked him in years…

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