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I’m Writing In My Head

Because, damn it, I can’t really find the time to sit and write here about all the things I want to write about.  Like how I slept through a loud commotion the other night while my family thought they were standing near a corpse.  Like how someone I know tried filing for their kid’s college financial aid at instead of and then stressed me out so bad because when I instinctively gave her the “look” like maybe you shouldn’t have gone there she went into such a panic attack I thought she might have a nervous breakdown.  Then there are the ridiculously funny comments some douchebags made on the sports talk radio station about how the Penguins should trade the young hockey god Sid Crosby because he could play better than Sid.  When the announcer asked what level hockey this guy played, he said he doesn’t play hockey but  Sid always gets injured when he plays him on his NHL video game.  OMG.  Like is this guy for real?  And there were many other stupid comments by other callers.  I just want to convince my readers that Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas really does have some very brilliant people.  Seriously.  There are organ transplant geniuses.  There are the techie brains at Carnegie Mellon.  And of course, moi.  Who was on Jeopardy.  Even though I didn’t win.

I really would not just like to tell you about this stuff.  I’d like to expound on it, and entertain you with it, and make you feel the thoughts I feel about it.  Especially about the almost corpse.  But I’m exhausted.  And I haven’t even started working 6 days a week yet, or 10 hour days.  I’m getting too old for this, folks.  Mama needs 2 rest, then she can rant.  But I gotta go now because sis needs her tax return done.  I got bills to pay.  I don’t know what I’m wearing tomorrow and I’m not even thinking about packing a lunch.  Screw it.  I’ll pry open my wallet and buy something.  Okay.  More later.

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