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Busy Week For Me and Youngest Son

I’m going to take a minute to write while  have a chance.  It’s going to be a busy week, and I may not have much time later on.  My sister-in-law is having the family over for my nephew’s birthday on Tuesday night.  Can you imagine the audacity of having a kid during tax season when you have an accountant in the family?  Wednesday, we’re going to see our beloved Penguins play hockey.  The sad part is, I’m going in place of Youngest Son.  I love the Pens but no one is a bigger sports fan than Youngest Son.  And he can’t go.

Youngest Son came home for about 41 hours this weekend.  That’s about all he could spare in the past month or so.  He goes to a good school, and he made the right choice, but his advisor told him last year that this would likely be the “weed-out” year for a lot of students.  We weren’t worried about him being weeded-out, but even a B would send anal Youngest Son over the edge.  So he’s stressed.  And his teachers are piling on the work.  He still works a few hours a week in the biology lab there, and they’ve asked him to tutor for two hours Sunday nights.  And jock that he is was missing the athletics he so enjoyed in high school, so he’s joined the track team this year.  He has practice almost every day.

Almost the entire brief time he was home this weekend, Youngest Son could be found sitting at the kitchen island hooked up to his ipod reading about Mammalian Physiology.  Poor kid.  And when he wasn’t there, he was sound asleep on the loveseat.  He couldn’t even stay awake to watch the Penguins play on TV.

When Big Daddy bought the Pens tickets so that he could take Middle Son J to a game while J was home on leave along with the rest of the sons, we had no idea that Youngest Son would have some humongous test this week.  Nor did we know about the 20 page lab report due.  Worst of all, while the teachers there are very good, some of the ones he has this semester are a bit inhumane.  Get this:

Books are expensive.  It’s the one college expense I make my kids pay for on their own.  His one professor has decided that they are not going to use two of the expensive books he had made them purchase.  They have to now buy two other expensive books instead.  And he told them right after the return period ended at the school bookstore.  Believe me, Youngest Son is cheap!  If there had been a chance to return those books, he would have been there immediately.

Another professor actually had a huge test the DAY AFTER THE SUPER BOWL!  And this is freaking Steeler country.  Pittsburgh public schools had a 2-hour delay after the Super Bowl and this sick dude had a test for these poor kids.  How wrong is that?!

Luckily, Friday is his last day before spring break.  Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to relax a bit.  And maybe I’ll finally get to prod him a bit about this new girlfriend I read that he has on his Facebook profile.

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