Sanity Prevails Again ~ GW’s Goodbye Gift

Just last week, I posted about this travesty of justice, the plight of Border Patrol guards Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who were imprisoned and sentenced for about 10 years just for doing their job and apprehending a drug smuggler.  In line with the way our back assward country has become, what with crooks and bums being rewarded and bailed out while the people that work hard, study, and save are forced to handover what they’ve earned to the irresponsible takers of the world, the drug smuggler was granted immunity while the guys doing their job were punished.  George Bush has not been as generous as his predecessors at handing out presidential pardons (maybe he’s not friends with as many thugs?), so even though to most fair-minded Americans this was a no-brainer, most people following the story thought there was a good chance these guys would be languishing in prison for many years.

Although he didn’t grant them an outright pardon, President Bush has commuted the sentences of these men.  These days, when the stories in the paper become more ludicrous and unbelievable than the ones you read the day before, it just gives one a glimmer of hope that maybe the earth will not spin off its axis tomorrow.  Maybe with these baby steps into the realm of common sense, we might be around a few more years.

I’m wishing the best for these guys and their families.

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