The Locusts In My Home

It’s no secret that growing boys eat a lot of food.  Grown boys eat even more.  For years, when I came home with a car full of groceries, the boys would swarm around me like I was Santa bearing gifts.  They would even help me put the stuff away — all in the hopes, I suspect, of getting first dibs on the newly arrived goodies.

From late August through November, Big Daddy and I actually had leftovers sitting around the house.  I didn’t have to buy double packages of everything to make a meal.  I would buy a quart of skim milk or a gallon of my favorite green tea sweetened with ginseng and honey and sometimes not get it all used up before the expiration date.

Then Oldest Son came home from Iraq.  He must be dry as the desert over there because he leaves a trail of glasses throughout the house, emptied of their contents.  For some reason, he never uses a glass more than once.  And not only do I have to buy 2 gallons of the sweetened tea every time I hit the store, I’ve become a virtual iced tea factory, brewing a new 3-quart pot of the unsweetened stuff every single day!  Oh, and he asked if we could buy more juice since we never have anything to drink around here.  He also makes frequent Wal-Mart runs and buys bottles of Vitamin water.  I even bought him a case as one of his Christmas presents.

Big Daddy has this tradition of buying a couple of boxes of candy canes every year and hanging them on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  The 24 candy canes provided the finishing touch on my beautiful artificial Martha Stewart tree.  The night after Christmas, while we were sprawled out watching TV, Youngest Son asked me how many candy canes I had eaten.  “Zero,” I replied.  Then he asked Big Daddy.

“Two or three,” he said.

Indignant, Youngest Son said that was about all he had gotten, too.  Oldest Son had stripped the tree bare of all the remaining candy canes and munched them all down.  “He probably washed them all down with the iced tea,” Youngest Son pouted.

Scary thing is, Oldest Son is by far the son that eats the least in this house full of hosses!

4 Responses to “The Locusts In My Home”

  1. 1 "J" January 1, 2009 at 11:01 am

    well… i cant wait til i come home then! haha youre gunna have to buy 3x as much 🙂 and dont forget the gallons of “D milk” haha 🙂

  2. 3 John and Perla January 2, 2009 at 3:01 am

    “Big Daddy has this tradition of buying a couple of boxes of candy canes every year and hanging them on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.”

    That’s from our childhood. Same traditions here…

    I actually have the original hay from the nativity…Still fake snow in it.

  3. 4 somuchmorethanamom January 2, 2009 at 10:41 am

    1st…I’ve been missing your blog so much! Damn computer…

    2nd…I’m so frightened. My boys are only 8 & 10 and I already have to buy double everything.


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