Party’s Over

You know how sometimes when you get back to work after vacation you’re buried alive in work and you almost wonder if it was worth it?  Well, that’s where I was at yesterday.  You see, Saturday was my birthday.  And then Sunday was an extension of my birthday.  I figure I’m kind of worth an entire birthday weekend.  Especially after all the years I’ve put in earning it.  Monday was payback.

Unlike Madonna, I’m not really a material kinda girl.  Don’t get me wrong — I completely LOVE the gorgeous 14k gold earrings Youngest Son picked out, the 3-disc Dylan CD set from Big Daddy, and the yummy sushi lunch Oldest Son took us out for.  In fact, we were so stuffed after that lunch, that Big Daddy postponed cooking my birthday dinner until Sunday.  But — the thing I like best about my birthday is that I feel no obligation to do ANYTHING I don’t want to do.  I won’t even make a decision on my special day.

When we were at the supermarket on Saturday and I mentioned we’d better pick up something for dinner but don’t ask me what because I’m not cooking, I was just as happy that I didn’t have to decide yet another night what to have as I was about not having to cook.  It gets really old, you know?  So Big Daddy asks, “Beef, pork, fish or chicken?”

“Beef or fish,” I replied.  That’s as decisive as I had to get.  Felt good.

So Monday, I had mountains of laundry to do that I completely ignored over the weekend.  I had a bunch of birthday dinner and cake pans to wash since we kept our Sunday night chore-free to watch the Survivor finale.  I still have a few Christmas gifts to actually shop for and a ton of wrapping to do.  But I did enjoy my birthday weekend, while it lasted.

5 Responses to “Party’s Over”

  1. 4 nathan's mom December 17, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a nice one!

  2. 5 John and Perla January 2, 2009 at 2:42 am

    Happy Birthday! Yes, decision-free is very cool.

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