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A Belated Thanksgiving

Yes, I was awfully troll-like on Thanksgiving Day.  I was sick.  And I admit, I don’t do sick very well.  I’m a nasty, nasty sick person.  I tricked my mom into coming on time for the meal by telling her that morning that we were eating at 2:15 instead of 2:30.  Luckily, Big Daddy told me I better call my brother and let them in on the plan in case my mom decided to call them and tell them about the “time change.”  Sure enough, she asked them what time I told them to come — and without missing a beat, my dear informed sis-in-law said, “Why, 2:15.”  We all thought this might be a good plan for all our get-togethers.  I also snapped at dear mom as she was trying to gather up her dishes before she left.  Everything was washed and in the dish drain, yet she kept asking about where her serving spoon was.  I did not want to touch the clean dishes with my germy rhinovirus infested hands and did not feel like washing them for the thousandth time to go hunting through the pile of dishes.  I KNEW it was in there.  Just look for it.  Move a few things and find it.  But no, I had to wash my hands and start piling up the clean pans on the counter because mom’s helpless always sometimes.  Truly, even the once or twice she stopped by to help me after my babies were born, I ended up waiting on her.  Thank God I married a man who can do things.

But anyways, that’s where I was on Thanksgiving.  And now that I can once again breathe through my nose, this is where I am today.  I am so thankful that:

I can breathe again.

That even though I was sick, I did not have to get out of bed for either a job or little children, and so was able to lay in bed or on the loveseat, under a warm blanket, for almost 24 straight hours after everyone left.

That my oldest son was safe at home with us to celebrate the day.

That even though my middle son was not able to enjoy the day with us, at least he’s not in the middle of a war zone.

That I was too sick to even be tempted to join the crazy masses at the malls on Black Friday, because the few times I have become one of the mindless herd thinking it was going to be worth my while, it just wasn’t.  Not even close.

And now, I better get back to washing my dishes.  I’m even grateful to be feeling well enough to do that!

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