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Hey Scammers! Know Your Target Audience

Big Daddy got two–yes two–strange envelopes in the mail yesterday.  They looked exactly the same–each with an identical mailing label made out to Big Daddy.  Each the large business size white envelope.  Each had an address label in the top left corner with a woman’s name and address on it.  One was from California; the other was from Virginia.

Nosy as I am, I refrained from opening his mail.  (I used to do this sometimes in the early days of our marriage.  He didn’t much appreciate it).  But I wasn’t worried about these chicks.  I keep Big Daddy far too busy for him to be jet-setting around the country meeting strange envelope-labeling women.  I suspected he somehow made it onto someone’s suckers list.

Now, we can’t figure out exactly how his name got into this elite group.  He subscribes to some magazines, but nothing that would make someone think, “Now there’s a gullible soul.”  We’ve been around long enough to know what’s going on, but not quite old enough to have lost too many brain cells.  In other words, we didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

Both letters were pretty much identical.  It was a classic pyramid scheme that was marketed as “This is simply people helping people.”  You could make $250,000 in Weeks!  As seen on Oprah & 20/20.  (Yeah, always try to throw in some “trust-worthy” names, there).

The funniest thing was how they proclaimed that “this is not a pyramid scam!”  No, you just send out 200 letters with a buck in each and eventually after some 1 million suckers or so ALL send out their 200 letters with dollars, your mailbox will be stuffed full of money.  You’ll be rich — not!

Wonder when we’re going to start getting the legitimate-looking checks and money orders from Nigeria for the big prize we won in the sweepstakes we didn’t enter.  Yeah, we’ll cash that check and send some of it back to you for taxes.  Or maybe we can earn a big chunk of that check by laundering your worthless piece of paper through our bank account and send you the proceeds.  Can’t wait to get rich!!

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