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Mysteries Solved

Lamenting again last night about how I can’t do anything nice with my hair anymore since my stylist started cutting unwanted layers into it, Big Daddy sorta made a confession.  He admitted that he might have asked our stylist, when he was getting his hair cut, about what kind of product I could use on my hair to make it less “poodle-like.”  Hmmmm.

He’d mentioned to me a couple times that my hair is too full or frizzy on the sides and maybe I should find some type of product for it.  I didn’t realize that I looked doggish enough for him to take matters into his own hands.  I’m fine with my hair.  My stylist had finally eased me out of the big-hair eighties and convinced me to go the sleek smooth look.  When I go out in public, I normally use my flat iron and look quite put-together.  But when I’m home and air dry my hair, well, maybe it does poof out a little.  I have really thick hair.  It makes sense then that she would try to thin it out by chopping layers into it, even though I requested her not to. But it’s my hair and I liked it the way it was.  Without the layers!  I guess my stylist likes dear hubby more than me.  He did find her first.

The other mystery, about the toilet brush that vanished, was also solved by Big Daddy.  Although he couldn’t recall at first what happened to it when he was remodeling the kids’ bathroom, he remembered where he’d put it after reading about it in my blog.  There’s a little cubby in the wall behind the tub in case one needs to get into the plumbing.  It’s covered by a wooden door.  I know it’s there but I didn’t think it was big enough to fit a toilet brush with stand inside and still be able to close the door.  So I never looked there.

Cases closed.

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