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On Morality: Pregnant Dads and Such

We’ve seen the headlines.  We may have even watched the Barbara Walters special on the “man” that gave birth.  Actually, the man used to be a woman who is now legally transgendered.  But he kept his female reproductive organs–and I guess some other equipment, because I read where the baby actually came out the non-surgical way.  He is now married to a woman that had a hysterectomy and they wanted to start a family of their own.  So the man with the uterus (or is it the woman with the facial hair?) did what they had to do to have a baby.

Other than the yuck factor of seeing a pregnant man, I really didn’t have a problem with this.  Although I strongly favor conservative laissez-faire fiscal policies (the market WILL regulate itself way better than any governmental interference), I am very liberal when it comes to lifestyle issues.  As long as people live their lives in a way that does not hurt anyone, I’m OK with it.  I think the heart of morality is treating others the way you would want to be treated.  Two consenting adults should be allowed to choose their own lifestyle; there is no victim here.  Exploiting a child, however, is never OK.  People may quote from whatever religious book they were taught to follow but nobody really knows for sure what makes up a “moral” lifestyle.  Everyone knows, however, that it is morally wrong to intentionally hurt someone.

But then Big Daddy mentioned something that I hadn’t thought of.  What about the child?  Is this gonna really mess with her head someday?  Being that no secret was kept on the extraordinary circumstances of her birth, will she be teased and tortured mercilessly?  Lord knows, kids will torture other kids for much less than this.  Would you feel like a freak knowing that your dad gave birth to you?  Is this child a victim?

I usually know exactly where I stand on an issue.  But using my own criteria of what’s right and what’s wrong, I’m not sure on this one.  Were the parents being selfish by subjecting a child to such a strange legacy?  Or is this just another type of family?  If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

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