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The Vanishing Toilet Brush

At the risk of marring my super cool image, I have to admit that sometimes I actually have to scrub toilets.  No one else around here would.  They might not even notice, except for maybe Youngest Son.  But that doesn’t mean he’d pick up a toilet brush.  He’d just nag me about it.

I was ready to go out for a run today, when I saw the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner sitting on the dryer where I’d left it yesterday.  I had left it there with the cap on loosely so that I could clean the upstairs toilets.  You need a super-human finger-vise grip to squeeze the lid hard enough to you can turn and open it.  After wasting a good 5 minutes of my life yesterday trying to loosen the cap to open the damn thing, I wasn’t about to close it up tightly until every toilet in the house was clean.

So I ran upstairs to the kids’ bathroom, figuring I’d kill those germs while I run.  But I wanted to brush the funky stuff first before I poured the Lysol.  I reached for the toilet brush, but it wasn’t there.  Since Big Daddy just put in a new floor in this room, I looked in the hall where we had stored some of the bathroom stuff during remodeling.  Not there.  Hoping he hadn’t stashed it in one of the bedrooms, I checked each one.  Thank God, no toilet brush there.  Maybe somehow I’d missed it in the other bathrooms.  How about the basement?  Garage?  That’s where I would have stored the thing–but men don’t always see the gross factor in things the way we women do.  Which is why I always call one of them to fish a snake or dead rodent out of the pool.

I finally gave up and called Big Daddy.  “Any idea where you put the toilet brush from the kids’ bathroom?”  He assured me that he definitely did not throw it away.  I believe him because I’ve taken the trash out enough to know I would have seen it there.  But he can’t remember where he put it.

Where would a funky toilet brush hide?  Maybe I should check the pool.  It’s the only place I haven’t looked.

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