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I Earned My Bragging Rights

Youngest Son stopped by the house this weekend with Shayna, his ex-girlfriend and still very good friend.  I don’t think we would have seen him if she hadn’t insisted on meeting up with him since she was home from college.  See how we rate.

Anyways, she had stopped by his dorm room to pick him up so they could go to the mall.  She started telling us how incredibly perfect his towels were folded and arranged in his closet.  I asked if they were also arranged by color.  “Of course,” she said.  His entire closet is arranged in color order.  In fact, when Big Daddy and I were trying to “hurry up and get the hell out of there by moving him into his dorm quickly” because it was cramped and hot and we were ready to celebrate getting rid of kid number three and have some food left in the house for us, he would NOT let me speed things up by hanging up his clothes in the closet.  Because <big sigh and eye roll>, I was doing it all wrong!

Now I know from home that the T-shirts must all be hung in color order.  We start with darkest black on the left and work up to whitest white.  In between, it kind of follows the rainbow, with the odd colors like gray grouped together somewhere in between.  But I didn’t know there was a jeans protocol.  And clueless mom that I was, I was starting off his sophomore year horribly by hanging his jeans in the wrong order!!

I also caught hell this weekend because the bathroom closet that he had so meticulously organized in an anal craze before he left for school (despite the fact that he had a ton of his own packing to do), had a few things out of place.  Excuse me, but Big Daddy was working on a remodeling project in there and we had to shift some things around to set his tools down.  But, of course, when anything is amiss at home, it’s always good old mom’s fault.

So, when I tell you that his perfectionism (is that a word?–I’m sure he’ll let me know) has made my life easy in many ways, it’s not without it’s annoyances.  Which is why I earned the right to brag about the 102% he just found out he got on his last Organic Chem test.  That’s after the two 100%’s he’s gotten on the last two–and the class average is somewhere in the 70’s.  And the reason he had to go to the Mall this weekend?  He needs a pair of dress pants.  He’s been invited to attend a Micro Biology conference at another college so that he can observe.  He may actually have to make his own presentation at a national conference.

My Youngest Son is pretty awesome.  OCD and all.

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