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I Learned Something New Today, Kinda

Last week I was about as housebound as I was when the kids were little.  I backed out of the garage on Monday afternoon and felt like I had run over something.  Seeing nothing on the garage floor, I got out to take a look at the tires.  Right rear tire was flat as a pancake.  I left the van right there where I stopped. I don’t do cars.  Big Daddy would have to deal with this.

We were still busy most of the week working on THE PROJECT, which I still can’t talk about.  So Big Daddy pumped the tire back up with our air compressor and parked the car back in the garage.  I didn’t really need to go anywhere and I was too afraid to take a chance that the tire would go flat while I was out, so I left it in the garage.  One of my many fears is being stranded somewhere.  It’s not so much that I’m afraid to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.  I’d be every bit as terrified (and maybe more so) of being stuck on a main drag somewhere.  This independent mama is terrified of being dependent on a stranger for help.  I know.  Big Daddy has already told me it’s an issue I should deal with.

So today, I asked Big Daddy to teach me how to:  1.  Put air in my tire and  2. Change a tire.

I’m capable of many things, but I’m not really a tool kind of gal.  It took a couple tries before I could get a good reading of our tire pressure.  Then I used the compressor to put air in the tire.  I was amazed at how quickly it reached the right pressure.  Next, we were going to remove the tire and put on the spare.

Lo and behold, I learned there was a handy little jack hidden in a back compartment of the van.  Hubby told me how to free it from its resting space, and how to crank it up to meet the little nub in front of the tire.  I had to do it myself because I need hands on training to really feel comfortable doing something.  Not too bad, so far.  He told me how to loosen the lug nuts (I already know lefty loosey, righty tighty) so I gave it a shot and…nothing.  Even putting all my weight behind it would not budge a thing.  This damn physical strength thing would stand in the way of my tire-changing independence!  Big Daddy said sometimes they’re on a little tight so he gave it a shot.  Nothing.  And he’s Iron Man.

So he had to use some kind of machine to loosen the lug nuts.  It wasn’t just me!  Maybe I could learn how to do the rest of this.  Next step, I had to crank out the spare tire that was neatly hidden in its little tire compartment.  I had no idea the thing actually pops out the bottom of the car!  I never even knew where it was hiding!  So I turned and turned and…nothing.  Big Daddy looked underneath to see why the tire wasn’t dropping.  Seems it was stuck in there for some unexplained reason.  We never did get it out.

Guess I won’t be going anywhere tomorrow.  I may even be walking to the polls on Tuesday.  But we will take the van somewhere to fix the tire this week sometime.  I’m just glad I didn’t have all these mishaps while trying to change a tire on my own somewhere.  I would have naturally thought it was me.  I still have hope that, if all things are working right, I will someday be able to change my own tire.

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