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I Ain’t Lookin’ For A Quickie!!

Crap.  About six months ago, Soldier Son’s girlfriend sent me an invite to join one of those networking sites–not one of the major ones, though.  This was some junky new site that was always trying to trick you into signing up for services you didn’t want.  I signed up because the dil had invited me and also I thought it might be another way to keep in touch with her and Soldier Son.  My other two sons have Facebook accounts which is one reason I never considered joining.  Soldier Son does, too, but he honestly never cared if I read his e-mails or knew what was going on.  In fact, sometimes he gave me too much info. (Yikes)!  Although we’re all pretty open about things, I don’t want any of my boys to feel like they have to not be themselves on their site because they might feel weird about mom seeing something.

So, I signed up on Cheapo site but never got around to adding a picture.  The only pics my family ever take of me is when I have gobs of food in my mouth (which is quite frequently, I’m afraid) or when I have serious bed head.  Big Daddy thinks it’s funny.  I do occassionally look quite presentable, but there will be no record of that after I die.  But I had fun designing the background on my profile, and giving all the awesome details about my eclectic taste in music and my varied interests.

Well, the other day I finally got around to putting up a picture.  I made Youngest Son take one late this summer because I was feeling, well, presentable.  And I thought maybe I might want to use a picture sometime for my blog or something.  But the other day I thought maybe I’d finish up my profile on Cheapo site.

It really wasn’t a great picture.  It wasn’t revealing or suggestive.  But all of a sudden, I’m getting e-mails from old guys.  I didn’t change any details about my great taste in music, or my love of New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles (although I hate the Commie rag itself).  I DEFINITELY didn’t change the parts about me being MARRIED, or that I was merely looking for FRIENDSHIP, and one of my favorite activities was spending time with my FAMILY!  And yet, after six months with only two friends, I suddenly get “friend” requests.

Although I tried to be as anonymous as the site would allow, one guy noticed that we lived nearby.  Like we’re gonna get together?  I really don’t think so.  I accepted him as a friend with the caveat that we could be friends through the site (hoping that he’d get the message that near or far, we weren’t gonna meet).  Another guy sends a message–Click “Yes” or “No.”  To what?  I’m not clicking anything!  I don’t know what the question is.

Maybe I’m too old to for these networking sites.  If anybody wants to talk to me, I’d rather they do it because they like what I have to say or want to tell me something, not because they think I look “pretty in my picture.”  I LOVE getting comments on my blog or e-mails from real people (as opposed to the usual Spam I get).  Just don’t expect to get lucky.

To be fair, maybe these guys just do want to be friends.  But I kinda know guys.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, “I Ain’t Lookin” For A Quickie Part 2.”  And I think I’m taking down my profile.

In His Own Words: Obama for Reparations and Redistribution of Wealth

Believe it or not, there are some people that still think Barack Obama’s “changes” are going to be good changes for the American people.  Here is the 2001 radio interview (before he was campaigning for Prez) that should give you a better look into his true intentions (just in case his racist, terrorist, and Anti-American associates haven’t given you a clue yet).  Of course, you will never hear this on CBS, ABC, or NBC news.  They’d rather dis Sarah Palin’s hair or criticize her for not having enough money to buy her own suits.

Of course, there are some people that would embrace Socialism–at least for a while.  These are the people that don’t mind being taken care of all their lives, people that have no hopes and dreams for the future and are happy to just subsist and have their most basic needs provided without having to actually work much.  Also, the ones in charge of doling out the goodies (and of course, able to take all they want from the top of the pile) are seeing a big opportunity here, too.  But I don’t think the majority of us Americans want to live like that.  It didn’t work for the Soviets.  The Cubans are still trying to get the hell out of Cuba.  And we certainly don’t need it here!

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