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Before You Borrow That Phone…

I read an article yesterday about a girl that dropped her Blackberry phone in the toilet.  She was able to retrieve and revive it the first time by opening it up, taking out the battery and towel drying it, and leaving the phone open to dry.  But then she dropped the same phone into the toilet two more times.  After the third time, she decided to throw it away and get a new phone.

My kids yell at me because half the time, when they call or text, I don’t have my phone with me.  But at least it doesn’t end up in the toilet.

I thought it was kind of an unusual event so I was telling Big Daddy about it.  Like, how can you drop your phone in the toilet three freaking times!!?  Then he said that Frank, a guy who works with him, dropped his phone in the toilet.  And that he, Big Daddy himself, had at one time dropped his pager right into the commode.

This is very gross.  The gross factor is magnified immensely by the fact that Big Daddy plunks down all his work stuff, wallet, cell phones, Blue Tooth, etc. right on top my kitchen island.  Every night.  Ewwww.

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