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I’m Cold—What’s Your Excuse?

Okay.  I know it’s October.  But almost overnight the weather has gone from sunny and warm (mid-70’s) to dreary and cold.  It’s like 50 degrees today–and it’s too early to kick on the furnace.  My poor 50-year-old body hasn’t made the adjustment yet.

I’m a warm-weather mama.  I smile more when I’m warm.  I move better when I’m warm.  I just seem to get a whole lot more done when I’m not wasting energy shivering.  All I want to do now is snuggle under a blanket.  I COULD go out for a jog.  That usually gets the blood pumping.  But instead I opted for a hot cup of coffee and a pile of food.  No wonder I can’t lose that 10 pounds.

Last night I was picking up a distinct doggie odor in the house.  I usually pride myself in having a dog but not having a doggie-smelling house.  I said something about it to Big Daddy and he commented that he hadn’t run the sweeper in about 6 weeks.  Ooops!  It’s been a few weeks for me too.  No wonder it stinks.  We’re being buried alive in dog hair!

Meanwhile, according to the FRG letter we get from our military support group, we were informed that our dear loved ones in Iraq are also experiencing a seasonal cooldown.  It’s now cooled down to a tepid 100 degree average temperature there, from an average high in the 130’s a couple months ago.  Poor Soldier Son!  If he takes after me, when he gets home, he’ll need to hibernate under a pile of quilts until next July.

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