My Traveling Guys

My three sons are all temporarily away from home.  One is stationed in Iraq until sometime in November.  The middle son was recently sent to Germany for a year, also courtesy of the Army.  Our youngest is living on campus about 5 miles away.

As of now, all three of them are not even at their homes away from home.

Soldier Son is being moved again to replace another soldier.  I’m assuming he hasn’t gotten there yet since I haven’t seen him lurking online anywhere lately.  Last time I talked to him, he said he was packing up for the move and would be sending some items home by mail to start preparing for the big move home.  It will be so exciting to start getting these things!  It will actually make it seem real that his time in Iraq is almost through.

Middle Son J was sent to or near the Czech Republic for a few weeks so that he could play an injured soldier for some training exercises.  I guess he was considered dispensable from his regular duties since he was still pretty new.  He was supposed to be gone for two weeks but once he got there, they upped it to three.  So…we sent him a package to Germany a week earlier than we would have had we known they were keeping him an extra week.  I hope it’s still there when he gets back!

Youngest Son surprised me with a visit yesterday.  He and his roommate popped in to pick up a few items.  They were heading up to Penn State this weekend.  They thought they would be able to get football tickets to the PSU game, but that didn’t work out.  Roomie has some friends up there that they’re staying with, and Youngest Son knows people up there, too.  Youngest Son said he’ll probably come home next weekend with his laundry.  That’s fine with me.  I like to do full loads of laundry.  With just Big Daddy and me home, I can rarely get a full load gathered together before we run out of clothes.

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