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The Old Folks Corner

My mom gets on my nerves.  It’s pretty much a normal mother-daughter thing.  But she also gets on my brother’s and my sister’s nerves too (along with accompanying spouses).  It’s not that we don’t love her.  But you can’t help rolling your eyeballs at things she says.  You pretty much know if you take her out, she’s going to do something to embarrass you.   She always sees the glass as half-empty, although she’s trying lately to be more positive about life.  But despite all that, we still love her.  She’s our mom.  She means well.  She just drives us nuts.

Mom lives on a quiet little corner a three minute drive away.  Her 86 year old sister lives across the street from her, along with my aunt’s 92 year old husband.  This works out well because they look out for each other and keep each other company.  My mom goes over in the evenings to play gin with my uncle, and if he’s heading to the store, he’ll often ask my mom if she wants to go along for the ride.  My aunt and my mom try to go walking on the nearby trail in the mornings.  Mom usually stops by to see if my aunt is able to go walking.

Well, this morning I got a call from my aunt.  She sounded upset; in fact, she was crying.  She said mom hadn’t come over to get her to walk, and she didn’t answer the phone.  She went over there to get my mom, knocked on both doors, rang the bell, and no one answered.  She was worried because the doors were all locked but my mom’s car was in the garage.

I knew my sister was off work this week so I called her cell to see if maybe she picked mom up to go somewhere.  I got her voice mail.  My aunt had already tried her at home and got no answer.  I called my aunt back and said I’d be down soon since we kids have keys to her back door.  I was trying to think positively so I put on my running shoes, figuring if I got down there and all was well, I’d get some exercise on the trail.  I was worried enough, however, that I hit my side mirror on the edge of the garage backing out.  My mom has a bad heart and because of that, she’s on Coumadin, a medicine that thins the blood so she doesn’t have to worry about blood clots when her heart goes into arrhythmia.  So of course, on the ride down to her house, I’m praying I don’t find her drowning in a pool of her own blood from a fall, or dead from a heart attack.

When I got down there, my aunt was on the back deck of my mom’s house, still dabbing at her eyes.  I was relieved to see the door open.  My aunt said when she went back over, she looked in the window and saw my mom walking down the hall in her PJ’s, completely unaware of all the commotion she had caused.  I guess she couldn’t fall asleep all night because she felt congested (hopefully, just a cold), so she was laying in her bed with the TV on.  I guess the TV was on loud enough so she couldn’t hear the phone, doorbell, or knocking, which is kind of scary.  Could we rouse her if the house was on fire?

Anyways, I started thinking that I was glad when I took her and my aunt out shopping yesterday, we had a nice day.  I wasn’t my usual impatient self.  I made no comment when they came over late like my mom always does; I didn’t even mind waiting after checking out at the Italian food store for my aunt, who was dawdling over the goodies.  She doesn’t get out much and I was glad she found some things she likes.

We spent some time gabbing over decaf coffee my mom made.  Then I had a good run on the trail.  My aunt told my mom she was bringing her some soup over later.  I fiddled with my side-view mirror and was relieved that I was able to knock it back into place, and it still works fine.  Quite a busy day, and it wasn’t even noon by the time I left.

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