No Time To Be Sick

Big Daddy isn’t feeling great.  He was feeling hot, then getting chills.  But it’s not the best weekend to be sick.

Although the weather has still been quite hot (mid 80’s today), it’s definitely time to close the pool for the year.  Even though the days are heavenly warm, the nights have been cool enough to enjoy the night air with the windows open.  The same cool evenings that are turning our green tomatoes red by the dozens have been responsible for dropping clumps of leaves into the pool.  And the urgency of fall approaching has left me less than excited about spending lazy days in the pool.  I’m more inclined to want to winterize the house, washing rugs and bedspreads that I can hang outside while the weather will still allow it.

In between the prep work to close the pool, we’re all of a sudden getting tons of calls on Middle Son J’s beloved truck.  It’s been sitting on Auto Trader to be sold since the middle of August, and although we’ve had a few calls and two people actually stopping by, the phone is suddenly ringing off the hook.  One guy came yesterday and made a very lowball offer.  J was not impressed.  I was almost thinking that it might be worth it just to get it out of our driveway and not have to pay insurance on it anymore.  After all, it’s not like J can drive it for the year he’ll be in Germany.  Then this morning, we got three more calls, with two people actually stopping by and wanting that truck.  The first guy lives not too far away, brought a friend, and drove it around the neighborhood.  He wants to check how much the one part it needs will cost and is getting back to us tomorrow to make an offer.

A young girl stopped by two hours later.  She had called a couple times before expressing interest in it.  She lives about an hour away.  She brought a young man with her, and she was ready to buy it before they even test drove it.  Big Daddy told her she could take it for a drive and she was really ready to make an offer.  Since the other guy came first, we told her that we’d have to wait until noon tomorrow to see what he wanted to do.  She just called back again to let us know that she was very interested.

Meanwhile, Youngest Son is in his version of hell trying to write some journal entries for a Philosophy class.  I offered to do his laundry for him since he’s so stressed out about this paper.  He said he’d rather do laundry every day for two weeks than write this crap.  I don’t blame him.  I hated those BS classes.  I’m still trying to keep up with the motherlode of tomatoes.  Two days ago I made some yummy salsa, yesterday was chili, and today I found a recipe for a tomato and white kidney bean salad.  We all hope that by the time the Steelers game is on tonight, we can just sit down and relax!

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