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Movie Night

Youngest Son is coming home for the weekend.  He hasn’t been home since Labor Day which isn’t so long ago, but last year he came home more often. I think he may be having too much fun at school–which is fine with me.  I know his grades come first to him so I’m not worried about him slacking.  And the main reason we’re paying for him to live on campus (when the school is only 5 miles down the road) is so that he can enjoy the whole college experience.  There is just so much more to college than sitting in class. This is the only time a person can experience independence in a safe little cocoon.  Unless you someday live in a retirement village, you probably will never get the chance to live in a community with so many people your own age.  The experiences and friendships made in this environment will help shape a person’s entire life.

Big Daddy will have to pick Youngest Son up from campus because Mama is going to the movies tonight.  My mom and aunt and a very gabby friend of my mom are going to see a “chick flick” tonight and I decided to tag along.  I haven’t been to the movies in ages so I’m actually looking forward to it–I’m just grateful that talking is frowned upon in movie theaters because these three women talk more than any human being on the planet.

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