Please Don’t Mess With My J

We went for a morning bike ride today.  We were going to go last night, but it’s starting to get dark too early.  So we did the 6-mile route first thing today, and I’m happy to say that for the first time, I made it up all the hills without having to stop.  And now I don’t have to feel guilty if I decide to be a slug for the rest of the day.  I’ve already burned a bunch of calories!

After we got back, I went into the family room with a cup of coffee and heard Big Daddy talking on his cell phone.  He was kind of smiling, but also sounding like he was trying to calm someone down.  As I got closer, I could kind of hear the indignant voice of my son J on the other end.  He was fired up.

I’m getting this second hand so I’m not sure if I got all the facts straight.  Middle Son J and a female lieutenant were at a grocery store in Germany, where he’s stationed, getting some food.  As they were standing in line, a couple behind him were cozying up way too close to him.  He inched forward, but they did it again.  J started yelling at them to watch out and asked them if they’d like to go ahead of him if they were in such a hurry.  They insisted that was not necessary and they could wait.  Then J feels the female half of the couple grabbing for his wallet.  Well, I guess they didn’t realize that you do NOT mess with my middle son J.  He started screaming and cussing at them, realizing they were trying to pick his pocket.  They wisely moved away, but then he saw them trying the same thing to some guy in a suit.  J started complaining to the cashier, saying, “Look.  They’re trying to do the same thing to that guy.”  But he wasn’t sure if she spoke English.

He continued screaming and yelling at these thieves after they got out of the store.  He wanted his Army buddy to hold his wallet so he could fight the guy, but thankfully she would not because she did not want to see him get into a fight.  The pickpocket made a signal like you better watch your back.  I can only imagine what kind of signals J was making.

I’m glad that J doesn’t put up with crap from other people.  I’m proud that he has stuck up for other people that are unfairly being picked on.  He has his mama’s temper sometimes.  But unlike his mama, he’s too willing to get into a fist fight.  And even though I know he can more than handle himself in a fair fight, I’m not sure the other guy is going to fight fair.  So please, J, learn to walk away from trouble.  And to all the idiots out there:  Please don’t mess with my J.  He’s not someone you want to pick on.

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