On Democrats: Are They Really Female Friendly?

Watching Senator Hillary Clinton’s speech at the DNC really made me wonder.  Why isn’t she their presidential candidate?  She is very intelligent, articulate, and experienced enough to become an effective leader.  I know I’m eating some of my very own words.  She and her group-think policies scared me at first; however, after hearing some of the very scary leftist policies of Senator Obama, the United States bashing done by some of his closest allies, and his lack of any real solutions other than pretty rhetoric about how we need change (any idea how all this change will be funded–besides more stealing from the middle-class and the job creators?) and Senator Clinton looked better and better.  In fact, she’s not that far left of Senator McCain.  They both are pretty much near the center of the political spectrum, closer in ideology to the majority of hard-working everyday Americans who love this country and want to make it better.  The Democrats seem pretty excited about Michelle Obama playing the traditional role of devoted mommy and supportive first lady, but for all their feminist talk, do they really want to see a female president?

As a lifelong feminist myself, I could never understand the Democrats single-minded support of policies that are so damaging to women.  On the surface, abortion seems to be all about female rights.  It’s “freedom of choice” for the woman, or so it’s touted by the Dems.  It actually is a desperate reaction by a scared woman who is blinded to better options.  It’s a painful choice made by a girl that lacks support from others in her life.  Who it actually helps is the guy that made her pregnant who no way wants to be saddled with 18 years of child-support payments, or maybe the big-shot married bum that doesn’t want his wife to find out he was playing around.  At some point in her life, I would bet that any feeling compassionate woman would feel some pain and remorse for her child that might have been.  In fact, I worked with a girl that had an abortion when she was a teen.  I could sometimes see the pain in her eyes when she talked about it (which wasn’t often).  I’m sure the pain was much keener when she went on to have her other two children and saw how special they were.  Making women over-reliant on government aid is another thing that keeps females poor and dependent.  These are not things that are helpful in the long run to our sisters and our daughters.  But it might earn the Democrats a few votes.

4 Responses to “On Democrats: Are They Really Female Friendly?”

  1. 1 Pastor John August 27, 2008 at 10:27 am

    That was very well put. I actually thought Hillary would have made a better President than B Hussein. Not that I would have voted for her, but if she became President, I would have felt safe. More and more of the Barack-star’s freinds are coming to light and it’s looking kinda ‘poor-judgment-like’. Who wants a prez with judgment like that? OOps, I may be overstepping my 501 (c) 3 boundaries. SSHHH.

    On abortion, I am the proud father of 2; one of which could not have been. I am glad my now wifey made the right ‘choice’ back then, but only because of morals she had. True, some women only make the choice out of fear, irresponsibility and misinformation. It should be easier to be a woman than even having to make that decision. Oh bother, I can’t say it any better than you already did.

    Tell Big Daddy I said Hello!

  2. 3 sandrar September 10, 2009 at 6:37 pm

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