My Alpha Males

I am way too nebby to let the phone ring without rushing to answer it.  Same with my e-mail.  My neighbor was saying the other day that when her inbox gets too backed up, she just starts deleting.  I’d be too afraid I’d miss something important, not that I ever get much more than junk ads.  But even those have coupons sometimes!

So, the one day I forced myself to not drop what I was doing to run and answer the phone, it ended up being Middle Son J calling to say he was settled in Germany.  Luckily, he got a hold of Big Daddy on his cell phone.  J had been quite worried about what his living arrangements were going to be in Germany.  He had heard a story where someone over there lived 25 minutes away from where he had to work.  J was extremely concerned about that, and whether or not he’d be near a gym so he could work out.  And my middle son likes his creature comforts and his privacy.  So we were extremely happy to find out that he will be living in a very nice 4 person apartment with only one other guy so far, and it is only a 5-minute walk to the hospital where he will be working.  Plus, he got the master suite with it’s own bathroom.  He told the other kid he was getting that room or he’d kick his ass.  He always does stuff like that and he’s always mostly kidding.  But nobody ever tries to find out.  So alpha J has the master suite.

We finished moving Youngest Son into the dorm on Saturday.  His roommate got permission to move in Friday, so I had called to find out if we could move Youngest Son in Friday also.  I immediately got a song and dance about how it was too late to get permission to do that, and they had so many Freshmen moving in that day that they really couldn’t let anymore upperclassmen move in etc etc. so I didn’t argue.  But we ended up going there Friday night anyways, after most of the chaos was over.  His roommate was going to be there and so we would be able to get in the room.  We wanted to at least bring the carpet and some of the big stuff there, so that the boys could at least start setting the room up the way they wanted it.  Thank God we did that.  There is no elevator in that old dorm building and 4 flights of steps to climb up to get to our son’s room.  It was a mess on Saturday with everyone vying for space on that narrow stairwell carrying boxes, luggage, and clothes baskets.  But Friday night was not so bad.  However, everyone that was there on Friday night was quite impressed to watch Big Daddy with his adrenaline kicked in.  This 51-year old man carried the big 3/4 quarter size refrigerator up 4 flights of stairs single-handedly.  The roommate’s sister and I just looked at each other wide-eyed.  The old man did most of the heavy furniture lifting also so that they could lay down the carpet.  When Son’s roommate, a big football player, advised Big Daddy that the dresser was heavy and would probably need 2 people to lift it, but then saw Big Daddy pick it up and move it by himself, he was also quite impressed.  No wonder the man has aches and pains all the time!

By the time we left Saturday, Youngest Son and his roommate probably had the sweetest room in the building.  The carpet made the room look nice and homey.  Jon and his mother had gone to Big Lots the night before and bought the most comfortable futon that I had ever sat on, and we placed it across from Jon’s flat screen TV.  We bought little white lights to string up along the side walls, accenting the vaulted ceiling and the exposed brick back wall.  Youngest Son and his roommate are already popular with the ladies, both of them being smart, athletic and handsome young men.  And now they’ve got that sweet room!  Thank goodness they are very focused on getting good grades.

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