End of Summer Stuff

It’s almost like an alien abduction or a mini-rapture has occurred. All of a sudden, our youngest, best, and brightest neighbors are disappearing. Just last week, you’d see plenty of them running or power-walking with their ipods through the neighborhood. You’d hear them coming home from their summer jobs, their car windows vibrating from the bass of their stereo systems. Now, most of them are gone, especially the ones that play fall sports. Our neighbor’s son is packing up a trailer full of furniture to move into his new apartment near Pitt. Tomorrow, we move Youngest Son into his dorm room.

Even the younger kids are quiet. On a beautiful day like today in June or July, you’d hear kids shrieking and splashing in their backyard pools. There would be more of them riding their bikes and skateboards. Lately, it’s been ominously silent. The kids are probably with their mothers doing back-to-school shopping, or are moping around the house mourning the end of their summer vacation.

Youngest Son and I just spent the last two days doing back-to-school shopping. I didn’t think there would be that much to buy since I thought we got all the basics last year. But he decided he wanted new sheets and a new comforter because he was going to keep the one we got last year on his bed here at home. And Youngest Son can never have too many clothes. He will shop with me at the closeout stores, however, so the deals we get make me much more likely to buy him stuff, even if he does have about a hundred pair of basketball shorts already. Today, we got the final item for his dorm room. Since he will be in one of the older dorms this year with tile floors, he wanted to get a carpet for his room. The father of a good friend of his owns a discount carpet store and sold us a good quality bound 9×12 rug for only $75, so we’re pretty much set for move-in tomorrow.

I thought Youngest Son and I could spend this last weekday together by the pool. But he’s in anal mode today. He’s been packing for a couple of days. He’s bringing two huge loaded suitcases full of clothes. He’s only going to be 5 miles down the road, for God’s sake. I know we’ll see him Labor Day weekend, if not before. But he’s packing everything up. And he’s cleaning his room AND even the bathroom he shares with his brothers. That was going to be one of my first projects once all the boys were gone. But if he wants to do it, that’s less for me to do. I went out myself and enjoyed the beautiful late August sunshine.

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