Fulfilled Mama

Soldier son has been quieter than usual lately on the interwebs.  He’ll answer me if I send him an e-mail, but he hasn’t been sending me the cool little news tidbits that he often does.  On one occasion, he did e-mail back that the internet connection was lousy and giving him problems, so I figured between that and him being busy I wouldn’t get to hear too much from him.  Then he sent an e-mail today complaining that I wasn’t on AIM or YAHOO enough so we could chat!  Awww!  My baby wants to talk to me!  I haven’t seen him on yet today, but the sweetie who came to visit us when he was home on leave dropped me an IM.  I love these kids!

Last night, Youngest Son finished the entire newspaper crossword puzzle without any help from me.  I LOVE crossword puzzles, and have been doing them since I was about 7 years old.  My dad and I used to each try to be the first to grab the Sunday crossword each week.  Between doing crossword puzzles and reading a lot when I was a kid, I was always pretty good with words.  Spelling and grammar came easily for me in part because I was so used to seeing a wide variety of written words.  So when Youngest Son was trying to sharpen his verbal skills for the SAT, I figured a fun way to increase his vocabulary would be to get him to do the daily crosswords.  At first he balked, then he started to see that they were kind of fun and made you think.  He used to ask for help quite a lot, and would circle the ones that I helped him with.  Now he doesn’t need much help at all AND he actually looks forward to doing the crossword every day.  And he’s learned some new words.  Yes, the legacy lives on!

And this should encourage every parent out there that someday your kids just might appreciate your efforts and that you are not being an unfair ogre to your teenager.  Middle Son J, who used to insist that we were too strict, unfair, and the only parents that had such ridiculous rules and checked up on their kids, told me this on Friday night:  “Remember when I had my junior license and I was the only one who had to be home by the curfew?  Now it seems that a lot more parents are making their kids be home by 11:00.  That’s pretty cool.”  I think maybe he just chose to notice the ones who didn’t have to follow the rules back then.  Either way, it warms this mama’s heart.

1 Response to “Fulfilled Mama”

  1. 1 Pastor John August 19, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Thank you. Very encouraging!

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