Things We’ll Miss About J

I didn’t intend to write two postings in a row about Middle Son J, but being that he’ll be gone for a very long year 😦 I guess it’s totally appropriate.   I won’t miss how he takes over the TV to watch the horribly obnoxious Family Guy all the time.  Or the dirty dishes, glasses, and t-shirts left scattered all over the house.  But we will miss his sense of humor, BIG TIME.  We’ll even miss the way he tells us something absurd, totally straight-faced, and after we’re all flipped out about it, I’ll catch his little grin and know that once again, he made it up.  And once again, we’ll say, “Why do we ever freaking believe you?”  This is the picture (below) he sent to Big Daddy’s phone while we were vegged out in the hotel room after the Dylan concert on our anniversary.  The caption was:  “This place is a fxxxing disaster.  Happy Anniversary!”  Then he sent another text that said, “Tell Mom we left a popsicle stick on the counter to see how many ants we could collect.  They’re all over the counter and in the sink.”  Haha, J.

By the time we got home the next day, however, the place was absolutely spotless.  Better than when I clean up, with the dishwasher run, every pot and pan washed, and even the dish drain cleared.  Life won’t be the same without my J!

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