08/09 – A Legendary Day

08/09/80: Big Daddy and Mama get married.

08/09/08:  Big Daddy and Mama see Bob Dylan live in concert.

I’ve been a Dylan fan since high school, first listening to him because of some cute young things I had crushes on in high school.  If they liked him, I had to give him a listen.  And I was hooked.

American Eagle sponsored the concert on Pittsburgh’s South Side.  They did a fantastic job.  There were enough bathrooms for everyone, even at the end where everybody headed after holding it in for 6 hours so they wouldn’t lose their spot.  All the bands were great and performed on time.  They gave out quality tee shirts and PBA-free water bottles that you could refill at their water fill-up stations.  Even the weather cooperated.  With 10,000 people crammed together at this sold out show, we could have passed out if it had been too hot.  It was around 72 degrees–what the weatherman said was the ideal temperature for human beings.

We walked 17 blocks from our hotel to see the shows each night.  We stood for 6 hours, me in my two inch high slides and Big Daddy with his bad knees.  The kid next to me was telling his friend he never went this long in his life without food, a chair and a pee.  Ummm, yeah.  Try it in thirty years.  But…I’d do it all again.  Dylan was totally “on”; he just has an iconic presence that you can feel.  His voice was raspy, and some of the songs you could only tell by the words.  But he was totally engaging in his super-cool way.  I was amazed at how many of the 20-years olds were just as enraptured as the old-timers like me.  It was an awesome show.

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