On Judge Judy: I Could Be Her!

If I had a law degree and a little more chutzpah, I could be Judge Judy.  We don’t look or sound anything alike, but the words she speaks are so much what I would say, we could almost morph into one person.  She, however, has the pleasure of reprimanding the low lifes that venture into her “courtroom” right to their faces.  I, alas, can only yell at the TV screen.

Judge Judy has no tolerance for the cheats and takers of the world.  She can spot a scammer a mile away and calls them out on it.  There are dirtbags that work the system for every penny they can get while they sit on their dead asses and don’t work themselves.  When they’ve spent everything they could get from the taxpayers, they move on to cheating their friends and family members.  Most of them feel no remorse and are actually indignant that their hard working friends want their money back!  Their sense of entitlement has no bounds.  Judge Judy does her best to jar them back to reality, but most often, they’re too far gone.

She eloquently expresses her disgust for the deadbeat parent that hadn’t paid child support for years but sues their child over a $200 loan, for idiots that just can’t seem to understand that since they were responsible for the auto accident they should pay for the damages, and toward the ever-popular “gift from God” who shows no remorse for using and abusing someone else.  She’ll even throw in a bit of motherly advice to a poor victim who, for reasons unknown, somehow got entangled with the waste of life and allowed themselves to be used.  “Sometimes, it’s better to be alone,” she’ll advise.  My thoughts exactly!

Some people don’t like Judge Judy.  They think she’s mean and abrasive.  One blogger not only badmouths the good Judge, but the entire production, complaining that it’s not a real courtroom and that the show pays for the damages awarded.  Well, DUH!  It is a show.  It’s the only way these poor victims will ever be compensated.  And it’s totally entertaining watching Judge Judy put these losers in their place, probably for the first time in their worthless lives.

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