Youngest Son’s Weird Experiences

In addition to his Steelers training camp duties, Youngest Son is in charge of caring for some dogs this week for two different friends.  He has done this for one of the families before, but in the past it was always just the one dog.  The other dog is mean, and they used to take it to a relative’s house.  This year, however, the relative said that “Cujo” was too much for her to handle, so Youngest Son is watching both dogs. The dog growls at him when he goes down to take them out, and won’t go out unless it’s ready to soil the carpet.  Youngest Son’s friend’s mother did assure him, however, that the dogs’ shots were all up to date (in other words, he might get bit but at least he won’t get rabies!).

The other dog he’s watching is actually a litter mate of the mean dog he’s watching at the other house.  This dog is totally different.  It’s a sweetie and gets very excited when Youngest Son visits.  In fact, it gets so excited it shakes and wiggles and licks him.  And it makes this sound, that Youngest Son mimics, like an asthmatic pig!  That’s the best way I can describe the noise.  He sounds so funny that Middle Son J actually went down there one day with Youngest Son to hear it and they both came home cracking up.

But this morning when Youngest Son came home from the noisy dog’s house, he was a little concerned.  He said last night he was very careful to make sure the house was locked up, but when he got there this morning the garage door was open and the dog dishes were moved.  He went upstairs to the living area but saw nothing, and nothing seemed to be missing.  He didn’t go upstairs to the bedroom areas but then he worried that maybe someone was hiding up there.  He texted his friend to see if maybe they had asked someone else to also check on the dog, but she said they hadn’t.  I think it must be a friend or relative that knows how to get in that may have decided to check on things, because why would a crook stack the dog dishes?  And the house is in a nice upscale neighborhood, off the beaten path, but with plenty of neighbors nearby.  And it was broad daylight so if they hadn’t already taken off with the valuables, I don’t think they would be hiding upstairs to haul off the goods in the light of day.  But we’ll be glad when the mystery is solved.

Yesterday was Family Day at Steelers Camp.  The players’ families were there and the owners had food there catered by the best BBQ place around.  They invited the workers to eat also and Youngest Son made me hungry describing how the meat fell off the ribs.  He tells us funny stories every day about camp, but yesterday was really funny.  The security staff all have radios to keep in touch with each other, and in addition to official business, they often crack each other up with jokes or stories about what’s going on.  One story going around yesterday was how one lady got Youngest Son to autograph her shirt.  She knew he wasn’t a player, but she said, “Well, since I don’t think I’m gonna get a player to sign this, I might as well have you sign it”.  Knowing Youngest Son like I do, that autograph may be worth thousands of dollars someday!

2 Responses to “Youngest Son’s Weird Experiences”

  1. 1 Pastor John August 4, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    Can I send you my shirt?

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant August 4, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Haha. He might start charging.

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