Wake Me When the Pain’s Gone

I came home tonight about 6:15p.m.  For a change, I didn’t go directly to the thermostat to turn down the AC.  The guys usually keep it like an icebox in here, and we constantly play battle of the thermostat–me hitting WARMER, the rest of them whining about how hot it is and changing it back to the ice age.  Tonight, however, my thighs are giving off heat like hundred watt light bulbs.

Big Daddy and I had just completed the 35 mile bicycle trek on the Youghiogheny River Trail, and my knees and butt are still screaming mad.  Big Daddy is an avid cyclist.  He tries to go at least once a week, and these are not short little jaunts around the neighborhood.  A usual ride is about 20 miles, and they’re usually up some brutal Pennsylvania hills.  His friend Joel asked him yesterday if he wanted to do the trail since he was planning on going with his kids.  Big Daddy asked me if I wanted to go, and the rest is history.

I did this trail once before with Big Daddy and our boys when they were still like pre-teens so I knew it was doable.  I even remembered how bad the tush felt after the ride was over.  But I love outdoor activity (that’s not dangerous) and the trail is beautiful, lush greenery and waterfalls on one side, the river with rafters meandering below on the other side.  And Joel was bringing his 9-year-old son to ride with us AND was towing his 5-year-old daughter behind him on a kiddie cart so I imagined it would be a fairly leisurely ride.

The kids were cute as buttons.  The little girl looked at me and said she liked my bike.  Then she said she didn’t know ladies rode bikes.  Her mommy didn’t ride bikes.  I told her that it’s fun to ride.  She said she wasn’t going to ride because she fell off once when she hit a wall.  She kept chatting during the first couple miles while we all kind of hung together, except for the boy who was taking advantage of his youthful energy and sprinting far ahead.  The little girl chatted about her cousins.  One was a girlie girl; the other was a tomboy.  I don’t think she’s quite figured out which she is yet.  I told her it’s fine to be whatever you want to be.  But at that moment, I decided this girl was not going to see me straggling behind the guys even if they were veteran bikers.  I kicked it up a notch and never held back.  And tomorrow, I’m gonna pay the price.

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