Jesse Jackson’s Celebration of Victimhood

I am no big fan of Senator Barack Obama’s political ideology, being that of entitlement and socialism.  I think most Americans realize how the stifling of ideas and ambition leads to failing economies and substandard living conditions.  Look at the former Soviet Union and Cuba.

Perhaps someone whispered in the ear of Senator Obama and informed him that most middle-class working Americans still believe that personal responsibility and  hard work will be what keeps our country great, not inefficient expensive social programs, because he surprised the heck out of me when he gave a recent speech extolling the virtues of staying in school and of fathers being involved in their children’s lives.  This is good advice to all Americans, not just African Americans, although with estimates at around 70% of black children in single family homes, he may have been trying to send a message to them.  I firmly believe my sons stayed out of trouble and became the accomplished caring people they are because of the time and influence of two parents.  Well, they probably would still have been pretty awesome, but the fear of Big Daddy’s wrath and the ability of one of their parents to work part-time and therefore be very involved in their wonderful little lives certainly played a huge role in their development.  I think this is the point Obama was trying to get across.  Taking responsibility and leading your children out of poverty, toward college and away from gangs, will keep them out of jail and off welfare.  Successful African Americans like Bill Cosby, Walter Williams, and Thomas Sowell have been promoting these values for years.  The Reverend Jesse Jackson would rather perhaps put all the blame on everybody else, since he thought Obama should be railing about the problems black America has rather than what can be done to improve the situations.

Activists like Jackson and Al Sharpton are part of the problem.  They are not helping their fellow African Americans when they tell them all their problems are due to “white America.”  They are merely spewing hate and keeping themselves in the limelight.  Everyone, black and white, needs to enable themselves to earn their share of the American dream, not wait for someone else to throw them a handout.

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